What we would have Roger Federer do in Singapore

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Roger Federer is coming to Singapore! Having replaced the injured Rafael Nadal in the International Premier Tennis League, Roger announced his impending arrival to his fans in India with an invitation to send him on a photoshopped adventure across India. The results were predictably, hilarious.

Other countries due to host the league include the Philippines,  United Arab Emirates and of course, our sunny island of Singapore! We figured we’d get him started on some things to do while he’s here.

Hugh Jackman seemed to really enjoy the Marina Bay Sands’ Infinity Pool, so here’s Roger chilling out at the hotspot [TWEET THIS]

Roger Federer at the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool (Photo: GrateNews)

No trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to the Merlion with a tennis racket in hand. [TWEET THIS]

Roger Federer visiting the Merlion (Photo: GrateNews)

Roger has a go at grilling satay with his Wilson endorsed fan. [TWEET THIS]

Roger Federer grilling satay (Photo: GrateNews)

The trishaw industry has seen better days and could surely use a man with Federer’s athletic talent. [TWEET THIS]

Roger Federer as a trishaw man (Photo: GrateNews)

Roger doesn’t seem to be happy to make acquaintance with the king of fruits, Durian, but trust us, it’s a booming business to be in! [TWEET THIS]

Roger Federer selling durians (Photo: GrateNews)

Roger is definitely best in Singapore, JB, and some say the world. [TWEET THIS]

Roger Federer as PCK

Have more hijinks in your head for Roger to partake in while he’s here? Tweet them to him at @rogerfederer and using the hashtag #PhotoshopRF!