See what happens when Roger Federer asks his fans to photoshop him in India

Roger Federer photoshopped

International tennis superstar Roger Federer is having a go at a whole lot of things in India. From being a snake charmer, traditional Indian dancer to taking a dip in the holy Ganges River. Well, at least that’s what his Twitter followers would love for him to partake in.

Due in India for the International Premier Tennis League in October, Federer asked his 2.2 million Twitter fans to superimpose his image onto some of the country’s landmarks. This, he said would allow him to ‘visit’ all the amazing places he would not be able to see since he will only be in Delhi for a few days.

His fans simply went crazy with their plans for the superstar, as you can see from their creations below. Well, for the sake of his fans, we sure hope Federer takes a shot at some of those activities.