Singer 2017 – Episode 11: Breakout Round adds 7 more singers to Grand Finals

Singer 2017 Episode 11 - Liang Bo
Liang Bo

Singer 2017 Episode 11 is the ‘breakout round’ of every season. This is the last round of the competition before the Grand Finals that previously eliminated singers fight for a chance to get back into the game. Whether it’s the veteran singers like Teresa Carpio and Michael Wang or newcomers like Zhang Bicheng and Liang Bo, they are all bringing some of their best woks onto the stage of Singer 2017 to vie for the last 7 spots of the Grand Finals.

The two most consistent singers on the show had to be Li Jian and Terry Lin. Both appeared in previous seasons of I Am A Singer and both are favourites of many in the audience. In the Brakout Round, Li Jian chose a golden classic hit from the 70s “Love is over”. Dressed in a black suit, the suave Li Jian even penned some parts of the lyrics himself to cruise through to the finals. On the other hand, Terry who is known to “not play it safe” when it comes to song selections, chose “Temps de Catedrali (你在最近的天边)” a song from the famous musical Notre-Dame de Paris. Even though the lyrics are completely changed to Mandarin, Terry did a good job in the delivery.

Singer 2017 Episode 11 - Li Jian
Li Jian

Teresa Carpio who is 61 this year, gave it her all with Adele’s “Rumour has it” and “Someone like you”. Dressed in a golden top, Teresa showed her tenacity and her never say die attitude as she danced her way into the finals. In a larger than life performance that was very entertaining to watch, Teresa really showed her mettle tonight and came in 2nd position overall.

Singer 2017 Episode 11 - Teresa Carpio
Teresa Carpio
Singer 2017 Episode 11 - Zhang Bicheng
Zhang Bicheng

Other noteworthy performances include Zhang Jie’s hip hop and rap number “别来纠缠我” and “Bleed It Out” medley as well as Ray Tia’s powerful “开往春天的地铁” with her whistle voice segment.

We would like to give a shoutout to Liang Bo. We really love his blend of music and his attitude towards it. Although we were disappointed that he didn’t make it into the finals with 日落大道, we look forward to the young singer’s works in the future.

The singers that are through to the grand finals are Li Jian, Teresa, Terry Lin, Zhang Jie, Zhang Bicheng, Ria Tia and Julia Peng.

Here’s the final ranking for Singer 2017 – Episode 11: Breakout round:
Rank 1: Li Jian 李健 – Love is over
Rank 2: Teresa 杜丽莎 – Rumour has it + Someone like you
Rank 3: Terry Lin 林志炫 – 你在最近的天边
Rank 4: Zhang Jie 张杰 – 别来纠缠我
Rank 5: Zhang Bicheng 张碧晨 – 你给我听好
Rank 6: Ray Tia 袁娅维 – 开往春天的地铁
Rank 7: Julia Peng 彭佳慧 – 大龄女子
Rank 8: Liang Bo 梁博 – 日落大道
Rank 9: Michael Wang – 光良 – 勇气
Rank 10: Justin Lo 侧田 – 停格

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