Singer 2017 – Episode 2: Dimash triumphs again with his insane vocal range

Singer 2017 Episode 2 - Dimash

Singer 2017 (previously called I Am A Singer) is a blend of experience singers like Teresa Carpio and Sandy Lam and new singers like Jam Hsiao and Ray Tia. But the most surprising of the lot had to be Kazakhstan’s Dimash Kudaibergen (迪玛希), whose out of the world performance stole the opening episode of the new season. In this episode, the singer with the lowest score from both rounds will be eliminated. Read on to see who gets to stay in this critical round.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in episode 2 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Michael Wong 光良 – 那一段日子

Michael stuck to his pop singing style for Eric Moo’s 那一段日子. Giving the song from 1988 a refreshing new arrangement, Michael basically eased through the love song. In general, the rendition was easy on the ears and soothing for the soul but it lacks originality and oomph. At least he seemed pretty happy with his performance when he excitedly jumped onto his manager and gave him a hug.

2. Tan Jing 谭晶 – 九儿

Tan Jing is out for the kill in episode 2 of Singer 2017. Compared to episode 1’s 再见青春, 九儿 showcased Tan Jing’s powerful voice, control and pitch. Although most listeners may not be familiar with such a classic China song, Tan Jing still managed to awe the audience with her solid head voice and emotional approach to the song.

Singer 2017 Episode 2 - Tan Jing
Tan Jing

3. Ray Tia 袁娅维 – Love On Top

After coming in last in the last episode, the pressure is on Tia to bring all she’s got to stay in the competition. Singing a Beyonce number “Love On Top”, Tia was impressive from start to end, giving the audience a performance that seemed effortless. Even though she wasn’t perfect on the diction, we still enjoyed her song and her lively stage presence.

4. Dimash 迪玛希 – Opera 2

One of the most popular and difficult songs from Vitas, we knew at the start that Dimash is out to impress with his range and versatility. Spotting the same devilish grin from Vitas, we were eagerly waiting for Dimash to take on the most difficult part of the song – transiting from a low voice to an almost whistling voice with stratospheric notes. The young Dimash not only did it with grace, he was on a roll and went on and on, adding key after key even when singers and the audience thought it was no longer possible. He came in first again for this jaw-dropping performance.

5. Teresa 杜丽莎 – 卡门

Veteran singer Teresa chose 卡门, a song that suited her dramatic style. She gave a playful and timeless performance for a song that needed the singer to be sharp at some parts of the song and tastefully sensuous at other times. Although her style can be a little dated, we think she did well in this round.

6. Lion 狮子合唱团 – 你是我心爱的姑娘

We believe Jam Hsiao and Lion band is sticking to rock for the entire season. For Singer 2017 episode 2, Lion picked rock veteran Wang Feng’s 你是我心爱的姑娘. For this round, Lion 狮子合唱团 lowered the tempo and took a slow-rock approach to the song. We loved the electric guitar rifts as well as Jam Hsiao’s performance on the piano. Even though Jam gave a heart wrenching rendition of the song, part of the song felt like a pub performance.

7. Sandy Lam 林忆莲 – 无赖

Frankly speaking, we hardly hear Sandy sing songs from other singers and we certainly hope to hear more of it in this competition. For episode 2, she selected Penny Tai’s ballad 无赖 and made it her own. She has such a strong personal style that the song instantly felt like it was one of the tracks from an album we missed. Her clean and attractive tone and her emotionally charged performance felt like she is singing from experience. It was a moving and very convincing rendition without ‘over-working’ the song.

Singer 2017 Episode 2 - Sandy Lam
Sandy Lam

Here’s the final ranking for Singer 2017 – Episode 2:

Rank 1: Dimash 迪玛希 – Opera 2

Rank 2: Tan Jing 谭晶 – 九儿

Rank 3: Sandy Lam 林忆莲 – 无赖

Rank 4: 狮子合唱团 – 你是我心爱的姑娘

Rank 5: Teresa 杜丽莎 – 卡门

Rank 6: Ray Tia 袁娅维 – Love On Top

Rank 7: Michael Wong 光良 – 那一段日子 (Eliminated)

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