Singer 2017 – Episode 4: Dimash gives unexpected rendition of Jacky Cheung’s hit

Singer 2017 Episode 4 - Dimash

Singer 2017 (previously called I Am A Singer) continues to surprise us with many unexpected twists and turns. In episode 4 of Singer 2017, Dimash picks up Mandarin and awed the audience with his unique interpretation of the song, Teresa was unexpectedly eliminated based on combined scores from 2 rounds and eliminated singer Ray Tia gave one of her best performance of the entire competition. Read on to see if you agree with our take and leave a comment to let us know how you feel about their performances on episode 4.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in episode 4 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Tan Jing 谭晶 – 定风波

There is no doubt about Tan Jing’s amazing vocal control and perfect pitch. In this round, she picked a Jacky Cheung’s 定风波, a slightly less artistic song than previous rounds to win the crowd over. We like it that she did not just simply show off her vocals in this episode, even though midway through the song, she can’t help it but belt out an entire verse. The audience seems to disagree and voted her to 6th position. You should watch Ray Tia perform ‘Golden’ right after Tan Jing. It was her best performance on the show and all we can say that it was golden. It’s a pity she was booted out of the competition.

2. Zhao Lei 赵雷 – 理想

Seemingly unaffected by the heat of the competition and cruise through another of his own hits 理想. Being able to choose your own songs for a second time is unusual because you can only opt to sing one of your songs once in the competition. Regardless, Zhao Lei gave a heartfelt performance true to his folk-rock style.

3. Teresa 杜丽莎 – 真的爱你

Reminded by her mother who passed away, Teresa broke down just during her rehearsals, sobbing uncontrollably before gaining composure for the song. According to Teresa, that was the first time she cried for her mom. Fighting back tears for her performance, it was a case of ‘the show must go on’ for Teresa and she touched many singers and members of the audience.

Singer 2017 Episode 4 - Teresa

4. Zhang Jie 张杰 – Better Man

Covered countless times by singers from Asia, Robbie Williams’ international hit Better Man is best left to the man himself. It was a good effort by Zhang Jie even though at times he seems to be karaoke-ing the song. His pronunciation of the English song was acceptable but his rendition is lacking emotional depth. He does seems to be enjoying his time on stage and was relax throughout the performance.

Singer 2017 Episode 4 - Zhang Jie
Zhang Jie

5. Dimash 迪玛希 – 秋意浓

Biggest surprise tonight was Dimash’s song choice. He selected Jacky Cheung’s Mandarin number 秋意浓 for his 4th episode challenge, the second Jacky Cheung song of the night. Having practised the song and learn the lyrics for only a week, his diction is certainly impressive. He reminded us a little of The One from Korea in season 3 who also gave a fantastic cover of the song. Dimash elevated 秋意浓 further by placing his signature octave scaling vocal notes to the rendition.

6. Sandy Lam 林忆莲 – 我最亲爱的

Sandy Lam has a voice that can turn any song into her own. Singing A-Mei’s 我最亲爱的, her phrasing and pauses was exquisite, as if she was speaking to the audience. It was another emotional performance from Sandy and it felt like she was singing this song for a special someone in her life (or out of her life now).

6. Lion 狮子合唱团 – 你是我最深爱的人

Lions in tuxedos? Lion tries to up their style ante with everyone dress to the nines. However, we were least impress with Jam and Lion band in this episode as they failed to connect with us. It felt like they were more concern with showcasing their capabilities and skills and less with emoting the song. How they ended up at the top of the pack in this round baffles us.

Singer 2017 Episode 4 - Lion
Jam Hsiao and Lion

Here’s the final ranking for Singer 2017 – Episode 4:

Rank 1: 狮子合唱团 – 你是我最深爱的人

Rank 2: Sandy Lam 林忆莲 – 我最亲爱的

Rank 3: Dimash 迪玛希 – 秋意浓

Rank 4: Teresa 杜丽莎 – 真的爱你 (Eliminated – lowest score after 2 rounds)

Rank 5: Zhang Jie 张杰 – Better Man

Rank 6: Tan Jing 谭晶 – 定风波

Rank 7: Zhao Lei 赵雷 – 理想

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