Singer 2017 – Episode 7: Sandy takes top spot with powerful vocals

Singer 2017 Episode 7 - Sandy Lam
Sandy Lam

After the ‘disappearance’ of Tan Jing from Season 5 of Singer 2017, we can imagine show producers scrambling to fill up the void left by her with new singers. We are not going to speculate what happened to Tan Jing (you can Google rumours surrounding her withdrawal) but rather focus on the on-going competition and singers who will be giving their best for the remaining of the season. The new singers added to Singer 2017 are Li Jian from Season 3 of I Am A Singer and Zhang Bicheng from The Voice of China fame.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in Singer 2017 episode 7 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Dimash 迪玛希 – Daididau

For the longest time, we were wondering why Dimash didn’t pick a Kazakhstan song with lyrics he is familiar with. Not that he wasn’t impressive with his French, Russian, Mandarin and English picks, it just wasn’t good diction. This round, he goes back to his roots and picked a Kazakhstan folk song to display the culture, music style and language. Dressed like a Kazakhstan prince and playing a traditional instrument, Dimash was finally able to connect emotionally with “Daididau” without simply displaying his vocal prowess. Beautifully done Dimash!

Singer 2017 Episode 7 - Dimash
Singer 2017 Episode 7 – Dimash

2. Terry Lin 林志炫 – 御龙铭千古

It was a fantastically arranged song that fuses different traditional instruments to give Terry’s song a grander aura. Singing one of his own songs, 御龙铭千古 very comfortable with it and managed to give a steady and captivating performance.

3. Lion 狮子合唱团 – 听不到

We continue to be disappointed with Jam and Lion this episode. Whether it is Jam on piano or the guitar, they don’t seem to have their act together. Singing MayDay’s 听不到, the arrangement was decent and will fit into any easy listening album or a road trip playlist on Spotify but it didn’t come across as particularly impressive. In Singer 2017 episode 7, the so-called rock band even added cajón to their repertoire of ‘talents’ to show off. It would be acceptable if they just call themselves a pop band instead of a rock band.

4. Sandy Lam 林忆莲 – 蓝莲花

After her surprising upbeat number 盛夏光年 in the last episode, Sandy really pushes the limit the round with 蓝莲花. Starting from a low emotional hum before stretching her vocals to a powerful climax, she showcases her jaw-dropping vocal range that is not known to even her most loyal fans. In this round, she not only gave a rousing performance, she also fuses pop, rock, R&B and many other musical styles to finally top the competition in this round.

5. Zhang Jie 张杰 – 突然想爱你

Zhang Jie’s interpretation of songs originally sang by female singers is certainly good and revives a lot of these once forgotten hits to become new karaoke favourites. This episode, he continues his march to the finals of Singer 2017 with Valen Hsu’s 1996 Mandopop hit 突然想爱你.

6. Li Jian 李健 – 异乡人

We were first introduced to the charismatic singer in Season 3 of I Am A Singer. Since then, he has moved many who were unfamiliar with the singer, including us, with his soothing voice and unhurried pace. His return to the competition surprises us as he is not a competitive belter-type contestant but it’s good to have a change of pace from all the insanely high and powerful vocal ranges.

7. Zhang Bicheng 张碧晨 – 时间有泪

Zhang Bicheng is certainly moving up the entertainment ladder fast. From contestant on The Voice of China to competing on stage now with veterans on Singer 2017, the sultry vocalist is a breakout star due to her rich and captivating vocal tone. Singing one of Jacky Cheung’s newer but lesser known songs, Zhang Bicheng is confident and composed, a far cry from her Voice of China days. We feel that she gave a professional rendition but she was draggy at parts of the song.

Singer 2017 Episode 7 - Zhang Bicheng
Zhang Bicheng

Here’s the final ranking for Singer 2017 – Episode 7:

Rank 1: Sandy Lam 林忆莲 – 蓝莲花

Rank 2: Li Jian 李健 – 异乡人

Rank 3: Dimash 迪玛希 – Daididau

Rank 4: 狮子合唱团 – 听不到

Rank 5: Terry Lin 林志炫 – 御龙铭千古

Rank 6: Zhang Jie 张杰 – 突然想爱你

Rank 7: Zhang Bicheng 张碧晨 – 时间有泪

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