Singer 2017 – Episode 9: Terry Lin wins with ‘Feeling Good’

Singer 2017 Episode 9 - Terry Lin
Terry Lin

In this episode, Taiwan’s vocal powerhouse Julia Peng joins Singer 2017 to vie for a spot in the final few rounds of the competition. Rock singer and winner of “The Voice of China”, Liang Bo, also joins Julia in this episode as a challenger to compete for a spot. Liang Bo is the second winner from the talent show “The Voice of China”, the first being Zhang Bicheng who was eliminated in episode 8. Unfortunately for Liang Bo, he was cast the same fate and didn’t make the cut after ranking 6th in this round.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in Singer 2017 episode 9 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Li Jian 李健 – 十点半的地铁

十点半的地铁 (The Train at 10.30am) reflects Li Jian’s life in the early years after graduating from school. Taking the morning train and being squeezed into a packed cabin, it is a simple song that tells a story about youth feeling lost and confused in a city and using the morning train to set the scene. Li Jian gave a very touching performance and we felt that the simplicity in the lyrics also resonated well with the audience. Li Jian’s calm and controlled rendition adds a sense of nostalgia to the mundane act of commuting on a train.

2. Dimash 迪玛希 – All By Myself

This round, Dimash takes on popular Celine Dion hit “All By Myself” with huge success. We loved that Dimash focuses on the emotional aspects of the song rather than going overboard with showcasing his vocal talents. Not that he didn’t flaunt it this round, but we felt that he treated it well. The young talent certainly gave us goose bumps and we were in awe at his vocal range at parts of the song. If only he had ended the song before doing a weird series of staccato notes near the end, that would have been perfect for us.

3. Sandy Lam 林忆莲 – 多得他

Our favourite female singer for this season, Sandy Lam, takes on Faye Wong’s “多得他” in Cantonese as gave it a more powerful rendition. Her performance was so tight that we were simply kicking back our legs and enjoying her performance. Her beautiful vocal tone was so mesmerising that we were hooked from the first note to the last. Sandy’s performance was so classy, sophisticated but yet looked effortless. We are giving her a standing ovation!

Singer 2017 Episode 9 - Sandy Lam
Sandy Lam

4. Terry Lin 林志炫 – Feeling Good

“Feeling Good” is a popular song covered by professional singers and amateurs, with Michael Buble’s version being the one most people are familiar with. Terry did a good job on the cover, giving it his twists and flavour. All we can say is that he did a better job singing the song than trying to work the stage with his showmanship. We felt that he was uncomfortable at times with the actions, and awkward when interacting with the musicians. His quirky get-up certainly wasn’t helping him. A nice stylish looking suit with pocket square would have been fine Terry.

5. Zhang Jie 张杰 – 我要你

Zhang Jie is like a mini Li Jian in this episode. He was a little more composed, a little more mature and a little more story-telling in his voice. Mid-way through the song, Zhang Jie surprised us with a radio effect mic and sang a small interlude of another song in falsetto. It was a refreshing performance from Zhang Jie even though the audience didn’t think so and voted him last this round.

6. Lion 狮子合唱团 – 爱不爱我

Although Lion’s performance wasn’t outstanding like many other singers in this episode, we felt that it was one of the better ones from them. Jam and gang seems to have found their style and beat, giving their pop-rock outfit a differentiated sound. This round, the band is tighter, with every member contributing and adding to the song. Even Jam Hsiao seems to have toned down his usual showy antics and let the entire band breathe throughout the song. If anything at all, the competition has allowed Lion to discover their signature sound and will do them a lot of good in the long-term.

Singer 2017 Episode 9 - Lion
Jam Hsiao and Lion

7. Julia Peng 彭佳慧 – 爱上一个不回家的人

Singing a song from her idol, Sandy Lam, who is also competing in the same competition, Julia Peng’s performance did not do justice to the song and we felt that her interpretation of the song wasn’t good. She was draggy and sounded old school in this rendition. Even though we know that she is an amazing vocalist, her performance of 爱上一个不回家的人 lacked emotions and flair.

8. Liang Bo 梁博 – 灵魂歌手

Liang Bo seems to be having a monologue on stage, singing a song from his album. Don’t get us wrong, it wasn’t a bad thing, it just shows that the young singer has progressed and grown more aware of his personal style and what he can bring to the Asia entertainment scene since “The Voice of China” days. He represents the more progressive musical styles that is currently evolving in Asia.

Here’s the final ranking for Singer 2017 – Episode 9:

Rank 1: Terry Lin 林志炫 – Feeling Good

Rank 2: Dimash 迪玛希 – All By Myself

Rank 3: 狮子合唱团 – 爱不爱我

Rank 4: Li Jian 李健 – 十点半的地铁

Rank 5: Sandy Lam 林忆莲 – 多得他

Rank 6: Liang Bo 梁博 – 灵魂歌手

Rank 7: Julia Peng 彭佳慧 – 爱上一个不回家的人

Rank 8: Zhang Jie 张杰 – 我要你

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