Singer 2017 – Grand Finals: A well-deserved win for Sandy Lam

Singer 2017 Grand Finals

After 12 gruelling episodes, Season 5 of Singer 2017 has finally arrived at the last episode, the Grand Finals. In this round, singers can invite anyone they want to sing a duet on the popular reality show. Some of the guests for the most important episode include Mandopop diva A-Mei from Taiwan, classical singer Hayley Westenra from New Zealand and even popular comedian Yue Yunpeng from China. The score from the duet will be combined with the singer’s solo round performance in episode 12 before the grand champion for Singer 2017 is crowned.

Here’s the song list of the contestants in Singer 2017 Grand Finals (in order of appearance):

1. Zhang Jie 张杰 and Liu Runtong 刘润潼 – You Raise Me Up

2. Zhang Bicheng 张碧晨 and Aska Yang 杨宗纬 – 凉凉

3. Lion 狮子合唱团, Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 and Vanness Wu 吴建豪 – 平凡之路 + Faded

4. Ray Tia 袁娅维 and Liu Huan 刘欢 – 奋不顾身 + 凤凰于飞

5. Li Jian 李健 and Yue Yunpeng 岳云鹏 – 唐僧抒怀

6. Terry Lin 林志炫 and Hayley Westenra – The Prayer

7. Dimash 迪玛希 and Shang Wenjie 尚雯婕 – A Tribute to Michael Jackson

8. Sandy Lam 林忆莲 and A-mei 张惠妹 – 也许明天

Singer 2017 Grand Finals - Zhang Bicheng
Zhang Bicheng an Aska Yang
Singer 2017 Grand Finals - Dimash
Dimash and Shang Wenjie

Zhang Jie opened for the fourth consecutive time on Singer 2017 and this time it is with a talented 9-year-old girl Liu Runtong (刘润潼). Singing “You Raise Me Up”, their calm and composed rendition were a stark contrast to Zhang Jie’s high-octane hip hop solo opener on the last episode. For us, it seems like an apt final song for Zhang Jie and sending a message that he is not just a singer with techniques and vocal ranges. Lion, on the other hand, compressed an entire show and crammed them into a single song for their final show. They invited Vanness Wu to be the modern dance dancer and Lala Hsu to be their backup and duet vocals for “Faded”. For us, there was simply too much going on and Jam Hsiao seems to struggle on some parts of the song. Although we didn’t feel much for their performance, it was certainly rousing and fun to watch.

We were a bit worried with Terry Lin for selecting Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion duet “The Prayer”. Firstly, it’s a very difficult song and secondly, it’s in two languages–English and Italian–that are not native to Terry. But thanks to his partner, New Zealand singer Hayley Westenra with an angelic voice, Terry pulled the song off and quite successfully too.

Dimash certainly surprised us once again by choosing Shang Wenjie as her partner in the final round. What was even more unexpected was their medley of songs dedicated to the late Michael Jackson, a common idol they shared. In the short 5 minutes, Dimash danced, sang and even played the drums before ending the medley on his knees one last time with “Earth Song”.

Singer 2017 Grand Finals - Sandy Lam
Sandy Lam and A-Mei

To wrap it all up were two vocal powerhouses, Sandy Lam and A-Mei who sang a vocally demanding “也许明天”. Sandy has impressed us throughout the entire competition, showing us her versatility in music styles, her vocal capabilities and her consistency. Her final duet with A-Mei further highlighted her humility and her grace and made us huge fans. In the end, it was Sandy who took the bacon home, winning the Grand Champion title for Season 5 of Singer 2017.

Singer 2017 Grand Finals results:

1. Sandy Lam – Grand Champion
2. Dimash – 1st runner-up
3. Lion – 2nd runner-up

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