I Am A Singer 4 lineup and song selection revealed

I Am A Singer 4 logo

The highly anticipated lineup and song list for ‘I Am A Singer 4’ (我是歌手第四季) is finally out!

In Round 1 of previous seasons, the I Am A Singer series typically features 7 shortlisted professional singers in the qualifying round before eliminating one singer in the knockout round in Round 2. For this upcoming season, Round 1 will begin with 8 singers instead, with one singer voted off at the end of the round, leaving 7 singers to compete in the show.

Other than familiar names like Hacken Lee, Shin and rocker Zhao Chuan, a big surprise in the lineup is Hong Kong-born American singer-songwriter Coco Lee. Although she wasn’t very active in the music scene in recent years, it would still be interesting to see what she would bring to the show. Lala Hsu, Champion of One Million Star in Taiwan and Guan Zhe from ‘The Voice of China’ fame will also be featured in Round 1. Taking the place of ‘The One‘ from I Am A Singer 3 is Hwang Chi Yeol from Korea. We look forward to a exciting series of performances from the man known for his husky voice and nifty dance moves.

I Am A Singer 4 Lineup and Song list:

  1. 黄致列 Hwang Chi Yeol (Korea) – 那个人 and 从开始到现在
  2. 赵传 Zhao Chuan (Taiwan) – 爱要怎么说出口
  3. 苏见信 Shin (Taiwan) – 告别的时代
  4. 李玟 Coco Lee (Hong Kong) – 想念你
  5. 李克勤 Hacken Lee (Hong Kong) – 雾之恋
  6. HAYA乐团 (China) – 苍狼大地
  7. 关喆 Guan Zhe (China) – 如果分开我也爱你
  8. 徐佳莹 Lala Hsu (Taiwan) – 失落沙洲

The first episode of I Am A Singer 4 will air on 15 Jan 2015. Look out for the full coverage of the show on GrateNews.

Don’t know who Hwang ChiYeul is? Check out his live performance