I Am A Singer 4 – Round 3: Hacken Lee charms judges with Jacky Cheung’s classic hit

Hacken Lee in I Am A Singer Season 4 Round 3
Hacken Lee

After surviving the crucial round 2 that saw the elimination of two singers, HAYA and Guan Zhe, the remaining contestants on I Am A Singer 4 will have to stay on top of their game or risk being booted out of the show by new challengers. In this round, the first challenger is Su Yun Ying, a runner-up of another singing programme “Sing My Song” in 2015. After the successful debut of her singles 野子, Su Yun Ying impressed numerous music critics who hailed her as a gifted singer-songwriter and commented that her style of music has the potential to impact the direction of pop music in Asia. It’s a pity that her bid to replace one of the singers fell short after coming in fifth in round 3.

Here’s a break down of the contestants’ performances in round 3 of the competition (in order of appearance):

1. Zhao Chuan 赵传 – Hotel California

The band Eagles and lead vocalist-guitarist Glenn Frey have inspired many around the world, including Taiwanese rocker Zhao Chuan. The song Hotel California has also immortalised rock band, making them one of the best rock bands in the world that transcends time and generations. Zhao Chuan’s tribute performance to Glenn Frey was an unplugged version, sticking pretty much to Eagles’ original arrangement. His performance was commendable and we were impressed with his ease and control but it was too difficult a classic to outdo.

2. Shin 信 – 刀马旦

All we can say is that Shin’s luminous green outfit was way more outstanding than his performance. Taking on the song of fellow contestant Coco Lee’s 刀马旦, it felt like he drank too much before coming on stage. It was embarrassing to watch a 190cm-tall man gyrating uncomfortably on stage. Save for his mini rap in the middle of the song, the entire performance was more funny than enjoyable to watch.

Shin in I Am A Singer 4 Round 3
Shin 信

3. Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 遥远的她

Two singers in Round 3 of I Am A Singer 4 have selected songs from Jacky Cheung’s extensive discography. Hacken Lee was one of them. Hacken Lee was pretty much in his element, singing a ballad with zero mistake. It was a good performance but it lacked punch and innovativeness in his rendition. His steady, play-it-safe style is a double edged sword which may haunt him in later rounds of the show. A special mention to the Metro Band who did an amazing job backing up for Hacken.

4. Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 不醉不会

The first singer of the night that was completely immersed in her performance. When Lala Hsu started breathing into the song, we couldn’t help but get pulled into her spellbinding vocals. Presenting 不醉不会 in two tempos, a slower intro and and an more upbeat finish, Lala Hsu was able to showcase a variation of the tune as well as her versatility as a vocalist. After 3 rounds, we felt that Lala has found her groove and is getting better with every episode.

Lala Hsu in I Am A Singer 4 Round 3
Lala Hsu 徐佳莹

5. Coco Lee 李玟 – Price Tag

Coco oh Coco! She seemed to have pulled out all stops for this round. From reggae and rap to swing and broadway, Coco has taken it upon herself to turn the venue into her personal showcase again. Was the performance professional? We’d say yes. But there was always something missing from her performance. Perhaps all the fancy moves and arrangements were distracting her from giving us an amazing show. Audiences were more accommodating, ranking her in 2nd place. Maybe putting more soul into the next song would win over more critics.

Coco Lee in I Am A Singer 4 Round 3
Coco Lee 李玟

6. Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – 一路上有你

Worried that his style of Korean songs was starting to get a little tired for the audience, Hwang Chi Yeol decided to sing the entire song in Mandarin for this round of the competition. Although singing in a language that he was not familiar with added another level of difficulty, the Korean Oppa didn’t seem the least bothered. Not only was his diction laudable, he also completely turned this Jacky Cheung classic into his own. At the end of the performance, we had completely forgotten that the original singer was originally sang by Heavenly King, Jacky.  His 3-month long training for the song paid off.

Hwang Chi Yeol in I Am A Singer 4 Round 3
Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列

7. Su Yun Ying 苏运莹 – 野子 (Challenger)

The song 野子 has been cover by many singers in Asia and is a popular song in karaoke lounges. Watching it perform by the original artiste made us realise why the song was so popular. The way she sang the song was so liberating, so energetic and displayed a sense of defiance. Although Su Yun Ying is more of an alternative singer, her delivery would not be lost on the mainstream crowd. Too bad her challenge attempt did not succeed. It would have been interesting to see her cover someone else’s song.

Su Yun Ying in I Am A Singer 4 Round 3
Su Yun Ying 苏运莹

Here’s the final ranking for I Am A Singer 4 round 3:

Rank 1: Hacken Lee 李克勤 – 遥远的她

Rank 2: Coco Lee 李玟 – Price tag

Rank 3: Hwang Chi Yeol 黄致列 – 一路上有你

Rank 4: Lala Hsu 徐佳莹 – 不醉不会

Rank 5: Su Yun Ying 苏运莹 – 野子 Challenge failed

Rank 6: Zhao Chuan 赵传 – Hotel California

Rank 7: Shin 信 – 刀马旦

Eliminated in Round 2 – Guan Zhe 关喆

Eliminated in Round 2 – HAYA乐团

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