“I Am A Singer” Season 3 leak and a Singapore singer is on the list

I Am A Singer Season 3

With Season 3 of “I Am A Singer” slated to start airing on 2 Jan 2015 in China, rumours are flying as to who the list of contestants might be. After all, the immensely popular singing competition in China has been known to be very tight-lipped about its contestants up till the start of the season. But after some snooping around, we believe we have found the new season’s line-up.

Here’s what we gathered:

  1. ALIN – 给我一个理由忘记
  2. 古巨基 (Leo Ku) – 爱与诚
  3. 胡彦斌 (Anson Hu) – 山丘
  4. 张靓颖 – 我用所有报答爱
  5. 韩红 – 天亮了
  6. 陈洁仪 (Kit Chan) – 心动
  7. 孙楠 – 是否爱过我

Notice someone from Singapore? Indeed, our homegrown Singapore songbird Kit Chan appears to be taking part in the upcoming season. The first Singaporean artist to appear on the show, it looks like she will play it safe by singing a popular ballad “心动” popularised by Taiwanese singer Shino Lin.

We think Chan is one of Singapore’s best candidates and one that will hopefully survive the gruelling round one of the competition, which we know favours belters and showmanship. We wish her luck – she’s going to need lots of it.

Singapore songstress Kit Chan
Singapore songstress Kit Chan

“I Am A Singer” was initially flamed for being a show for has-been and lesser known singers. However, the immense popularity of its first 2 seasons proved its detractors wrong. The concept of the show is to pit seven professional singers against one another instead of the usual talent search contest like “The Voice” and “One Million Star”.

Regardless of what the aim of the competition is, the show has seen some intense vocal prowess both from veterans in the music industry as well as less established singers. Two of the most prolific contestants last season (Season 2) was 23-year old G.E.M. from Hong Kong and Shila Amzah from Malaysia, whose career received a huge boost due to the competition’s popularity.