3D movie Sword Master 三少爷的剑 opens in Singapore before Christmas

Good news martial arts movie lovers — Sword Master (三少爷的剑) is opening in Singapore on 15 December.

The 3D martial arts movie is directed by Derek Yee (尔冬升) and produced by Asian cinematographer master Tsui Hark.

Adapted from a Gu Long (古龙) novel, the Sword Master movie tells the story of The Third Master of Sword Mansion, played by Lin Gengxin (林更新) who is regarded as the most skilful swordsman of his time. Tired of the bloodshed in the martial arts would, Lin decides to retire and go into hiding. He fakes his own death and changes his identity so he would not be pursued. News of Lin’s death devastates Yan, played by Peter Ho (何润东), whose lifelong dream is to defeat the most revered swordsman.

sword master

However, as fate has it, the two swordsmen cross path. Will Yan eventually come to the realisation that Lin is the man he has been going after? Watch the movie to find out more.

From what we saw from the Sword Master trailer, the cinematography and martial arts direction does not disappoint.