Thai horror flick ‘Haunting in Japan’ opens in Singapore this July

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After Conjuring 2, we have another spook fare coming our way — Haunting in Japan, the latest Thai horror flick directed by Yuthlert Sippapark.

Partially shot in Niseko, the popular Hokkaido ski town loved by many Singaporeans and Malaysians, Haunting in Japan tells the story of how 20-year-old Rose (Supassara Thanachart) turned into a killer after her boyfriend “Mack” cheated on her.

haunting in japan

After killing Mack, Rose escapes to Niseko and checks into “Oscar Lodge”. There, she met Nak, who was also staying at the lodge to film an MTV for his new music release. Nothing unusual except that Nak looks exactly like Mak, her deceased boyfriend. Rose soon finds herself caught in a web of rage and love for the singer.

Spooky happenings start taking place in Oscar Lodge, which happened to be haunted by heartbroken souls. There’s the mysterious Thai woman who floats around sadly, looking neither alive nor dead and a mother and child with very pale faces.

haunting in japan

Get ready for some really bizarre scenes in Haunting in Japan – a signature of director Yuthlert Sippapark work, whose previous films include Buppah Rahtree and Killer Tattoo.

Haunting in Japan opens in Singapore on 7 July 2016.

haunting in japan

haunting in japan




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