Thai horror movie ‘Ghost Ship’ 猛鬼船 opens in Singapore in January ’16

Imagine this. You are adrift at sea and a series of strange, dark incidents starting taking place. First, your crew and you find the corpse of a woman on your fishing boat, followed by her unexplained disappearance. You have nowhere to run and the situation takes a turn for the worse. This is the premise of a new horror flick called ‘Ghost Ship’.

ghost ship

‘Ghost Ship’ is a Thai horror movie starring teenage cast as three sailors. Upon discovering the corpse, the trio recognised that she was the wife of a mafia leader who controls the harbour. The sailors are in a tight situation because they know that the woman they found was the lover of their captain’s son. Who killed her? How did her corpse end up on the ship? How will the mafia react? Will the trio be accused of murder? All these questions plague the trio as one horrifying incident unfolds after another.

Ghost Ship opens in Singapore cinemas on 7 January with sneak peeks on the New Year weekend. Watch the trailer for the many heart-stopping moments.