Comedy duo film ‘educational’ music video on Singapore and Malaysia

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The Fung Bros music video on Singapore and Malaysia
These hot Asian girls show how you can dance and pose at the same time

Local street food, curry and durians take centre stage for this Youtube video from LA-based comedy duo The Fung Bros.

With the help of hot Asian women and a catchy tune, this video summary of Singapore and Malaysia is fast going viral with over 120,000 views in 4 days. Although their take on food, life and tough love from the government – banning of chewing gum, is but a narrow view of what we know of the 2 countries, at least they got one fact right.: Singapore and Malaysia is not China and there are a diverse mix of races in these two  neighbouring countries.

Listen to the hilarious pronunciation of char kway teow and catch the split second cameo from Jinnyboy, Wah Banana and Ryan Slyvia near the end of the video.