The Projector – A new cinema concept in Singapore

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The Projector Singapore
Images courtesy of The Projector

Do you love movies? Do you ever wish that the cinemas would ever replay that certain old movie just so you could relive it on the big screen again? Or perhaps, you really want to catch an indie hit but you know it has no chance of being screened in the cineplexes here… or well, basically something that doesn’t try to shove Transformers down your throat every other summer?

Well, all that is (hopefully) about to change. A group of really passionate cinephiles has banded together to restore two old cinema halls at Golden Mile Tower and will be attempting to reinvent them into The Projector, a project which will offer an “exceptional programme of quality films, one-of-a-kind events, versatile spaces and an inviting cinema café, providing a genuine alternative to the cineplex chains in Singapore.”

You can help these chairs find new butts to get familiar with again.

Sound good? If it does, check out their Indiegogo page, where you can read their manifesto. It’s impressive stuff. Plus, they have some really cool perks for donating. They include everything from DVDs of local films, cool shades, tickets to even oriental art pieces featuring Star Wars and Aliens.


Oh, you know I’m down with the Geylang Vice Squad.


The Projector
This has to be the coolest thing ever.