The vocals that shocked all the judges on The Voice of China 4

The Voice of China 4 - Lin Yan performance

You’re about to read about one of biggest surprises on The show. But if you’d rather watch the surprise unfold, just jump straight to the video below before coming back to the article.

As with the past seasons, the competition begins with a series of ‘blind auditions’. Every now and then, the judges would be in for a surprise when they finally swing around in their red swivel chairs to see the contestant for the first time. One particular contestant in episode 2 of The Voice of 4 turned out to be one the most jaw-dropping surprises so far.

The contestant is Lin Yan. With a deep and husky voice that went perfectly well with the Mando rock song, Lin won the votes of judges Wang Feng and Na Ying. When the contestant’s identity was finally revealed at the end of the performance, the judges nearly fell off their chairs in utter shock. The manly voice of the singer actually came from a woman!

“I think its time for us to retire,’ said Wang Feng at the shocking revelation.

went on to poll the audience whether anyone had guessed the singer was in fact a female and it was a resounding no.

After the judges composed themselves, Lin, a stay-at-home-mom, went on to deliver her rocker-style rendition of the judges’ songs.