The Voice of China 4 episode 10: Team Jay Chou takes on Team Na Ying

Team Jay Chou versus Team Na Ying

Things are heating up in The Voice of China 4. This week in The Voice of China 4 episode 10, we saw the PK match between Team Jay Chou and Team Na Ying.

The episode opened with the two groups performing a quartet of a song by the opposing team’s judge. Led by Na Ying, the team sang Jay’s ‘烟花易冷’, while team Jay took on a medley of Na Ying’s ‘出卖’ and ‘你的微笑’. The performances were a good refresher to re-introduce the contestants of each team.

The panel of judges for this round were made up of 51 participating media companies, music producers, radio stations and record companies.

To recap, contestants in Jay Chou’s team are Li Xin Ni, Guan Shi Min, Chen Zhi Tong and Li An (Leon Lee). Na Ying’s team members are Chang Yu, Zhang Lei, Lang Ge La Mu and Sun Bo Lun.

Li Xin Ni ‘Angel’ vs Chang Yu ‘心动’

Singing Shino Lin’s ‘心动’, Chang Yu was able to connect emotionally with the audience almost immediately. His execution of the ballad was flawless. We liked that he was focused on conveying the emotions of the song with his fine vocals rather than trying to show the power of his voice.

Malaysian Chinese Xi Ni also chose a slow song, Sarah Mclachlan’s Angel. Starting strong, Xi Ni exerted good control throughout the song, regulating her emotions in the rise and troughs of the song. Her diction was good too.

Panel’s Choice: Li Xin Ni: 28 votes vs Chang Yu :23 Votes. Team Jay Chou’s Xi Ni leads.


Lang Ge La Mu ‘一剪梅’ vs Chen Zi Tong ‘可愛女人’

Hailing from Thailand, La Mu surprised us with an oldie, Fei Yu Qing’s ‘一剪梅’ and it wasn’t even a modern take on the song. The song choice must have been intended as her vocals had a nostalgic quality to it, making it very suitable for singing oldies.

Known for her rapping, Zi Tong sang one of Jay Chou’s debut songs ‘可愛女人’. Perhaps it was the arrangement, we thought her delivery was rather messy as Zi Tong switched from R&B to rapping to ad lib. We simply couldn’t connect with the performance.

Panel’s Choice: Lang Ge La Mu: 13 votes vs Chen Zi Tong: 38 votes. Team Jay Chou’s Chen Zi Tong wins.


Zhang Lei ‘虎口脱险’ vs Li An (Leon Lee) ‘爱我还是他’

Zhang Lei wowed the audience with his soulful voice right from the start with a folk song. His husky voice was even more evident in the chorus. Zhang Lei mastered the song very well and delivered a beautiful performance. Will his excellent performance outdo hot favourite Leon Lee?

Leon Lee once again charmed the audience with his thick, manly voice. While we liked Leon’s big, steady voice, we wished he had sang some parts in a softer manner to bring out the climax of the song even more.

Panel’s Choice: Zhang Lei: 47 votes vs Leon Lee: 4 votes. Team Na Ying clinches their first win!

Despite being defeated by Zhang Lei this round, Leon got to advance to the next stage as Jay decided to use his wild card to save him.

Sun Bo Lun ‘像疯了一样’ vs Guan Shi Min ‘恋人未满’

Consider us biased but we’ve always loved Bo Lun’s voice. Couple his masculine voice with good vocal controls, Bo Lun is hard to beat when he sings sentimental songs.

Shi Min started her performance in English, transiting into Mandarin. It was a good performance overall and Shi Min managed to hit all the high notes. However, we felt that it would take a lot more for her to win this round as she’s up against a very strong opponent.

Panel’s Choice: Sun Bo Lun: 28 votes vs Guan Shi Min: 23 votes. Team Na Ying’s Sun Bo Lun wins.

Stay tuned for the next episode where Team Harlem Yu will battle Team Wang Feng.

Watch the full episode of The Voice China 4 episode 10 here.

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