The Voice of China 4 episode 11: Team Harlem Yu battles Team Wang Feng

Harlem Yu and Wang Feng in The Voice of China 4 Episode 11

This week, we saw the PK match between team Harlem Yu and team Wang Feng. Similar to last week’s match, four of the top contestants would be pitting against the opposing team in The Voice of China 4 episode 11. The panel of judges for this round were made up of 51 participating media companies, music producers, radio stations and record companies.

Led by Harlem Yu, the opening show was a performance by Harlem and his team who sang Wang Feng’s song, ‘春天里’. His team members were Zhao Da Ge, Zhang Shu, Tan Xuanyuan and Ma Yinyin.

This is the first time, we heard Wang Feng sing — and he did so really well. Together with his team, Wang Feng sang a rock version of Harlem’s ‘我一次爱个够’. Team Wang Feng’s students included Huang Xiaoyun, Zhang Xinxin, Bei Bei and Huang Yong.

Zhao Da Ge’s ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ vs Huang Xiaoyun’s ‘All by Myself’

Hailing from team Harlem Yu, Zhao Da Ge sang ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’. Good choice of song as Da Ge’s jazzy voice carried the song very well. She was also beaming with charisma. However, perhaps it was due to the lack of variety in her performance or the repetitive lyrics, we got slightly bored with her singing towards the second half of the song.

Sixteen-year-old Xiaoyun’s choice was an ambitious one. Celin Dion’s ‘All by Myself’ is a big song which requires a strong voice. All throughout the song, we were waiting for that explosive portion, which Xiao Yun delivered very well. It’s a good thing she started off soft and worked off to a good climax. We were all yelling out in our hearts to that blasting voice.

Panel’s Choice: 28 Zhao Da Ge: votes vs Wang Xiaoyun’s 23 votes. Zhao Da Ge from team Harlem Yu won.
Zhao Da Ge and Huang Xiaoyun in The Voice of China 4 episode 11

Zhang Shu (Lotus Zhang) ‘你的甜蜜’ vs Bei Bei’大桥上’

Zhang Shu turned the heat up by picking an uptempo song,’你的甜蜜’. Singing and moving to the tune, Zhang Shu looks very confident in her delivery.

Wearing her signature fedora hat, Bei Bei sang Wang Feng’s ‘大桥上’. Overall, the song felt very grown up and seemed a bit too old for her. It turned out that her judge Wang Feng had advised her against choosing the song. However, she went with her choice, anyway.

Panel’s Choice: Zhang Shu (Lotus Zhang)’s 26 votes vs Bei Bei’s 25 votes. Zhang Shu won in this tight race, while Bei Be’s choice of song nearly cost her the competition. But luckily for Bei Bei, Wang Feng decided to save her from elimination.

Zhang Shu and Bei Bei in The Voice of China 4 episode 11

Tan Xuanyuan ‘欲水’ vs Zhang Xinxin ‘封锁线’

Xuanyuan put up an amazing performance here. He sang part of the song in a somewhat androgenous voice and another in an angsty voice, fusing the two extremely well.

In comparison, Xinxin’s performance was a lot more soothing. Tackling yet another folksy song, his delivery was by no means shabby but maybe it was slightly flat in comparison to his opponent’s wow performance. It didn’t help that the song he picked, ‘封锁线’, didn’t have a dramatic climax. But at the end of the day, it’s up to the judges’ votes.

Panel’s Choice: Tan Xuanyuan: 26 votes vs Zhang Xinxin: 25 votes. Another close fight! Harlem’s team led again this round.

At this stage, Wang Feng apologised to his students for not winning so far. It was a touching moment that had his students tearing. We actually felt bad for him.

Sensitive to Wang Feng and his team’s predicament at the point, Harlem said he was happy to be leading but not overjoyed. He added that he recognised the hard work and effort the teams put in for the competition.
Tang Xuanyuan and Zhang Xinxin in The Voice of China 4 episode 11

Ma Yinyin ‘三天三夜’ vs Huang Yong ‘流浪’

It was ‘jazz lady’ Yinyin’s turn to take centrestage. Yinyin’s unique, laidback style of singing had a relaxing effect on the auidence, while her ad lib singing had them clapping to the performance. A class act indeed. Na Ying joked that Yinyin might have been drinking for three days and nights to channel the blues.

We have always loved Huang Yong’s raspy, musculine singing, and this was no exception. Singing ‘流浪’, he painted a very realistic picture of loneliness and sorrow, which befitted the lyrics of the song. Chorus after chorus, he connected emotionally with the audience exceptionally well.

Panel’s Choice: Ma Yinyin’s 20 votes vs Huang Yong’s 31 votes. Huang Yong beat Yinyin hands down. As Harlem Yu answered Yinying’s prayers to ‘save’ her, Yinyin would be battling Bei Bei for the last spot.

Ma Yinyin and Huang Yong in The Voice of China 4 episode 11

Save battle: Yinyin ‘在水一方’ vs Bei Bei ‘蓝莲花’

Yinyin’s unique singing was lost on us in her performance of ‘在水一方’. Perhaps she was trying to sing the song differently by choosing a song with high notes. It didn’t work for us.

Bei Bei once again picked a lesser known song ‘蓝莲花’. Exuding great confidence, she looked very at ease with her performance and put up a good show.

Panel’s Choice: Ma Yinyin: 21 votes vs Bei Bei 30 votes. Bei Bei would get to advance to the next round.

Stayed tuned for the next episode, which will be held at the Beijing National Stadium, affectionately known as the ‘Bird’s Nest’.

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