‘My Bank Account’ might be the saddest song you hear this Valentine’s Day

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A paraody of JJ Lin’s song expressing a man’s sorrows of not being able to meet his girlfriend’s whims on Valentine’s Day is making its rounds on the internet.

Yu Tianlong (余畑龙), Malaysian singer/music producer is the man behind the heartbreaking ballad “My Bank Account”, adapted from JJ Lin’s ‘背对背拥抱’.

Set in a mamak stall (coffee shop) in Malaysia, complete with prata and ‘barley water’, the music video started with the singer’s girlfriend complaining about how he has changed and no longer cared about buying her flowers and gifts or give her surprises on Valentine’s Day. As she was walking out on him, the helpless singer broke into the song. In the lyrics, he lamented that he could no longer afford expensive gifts or dinner due to his depleting wallet, rising cost of living and credit card debts. He even alluded to the rising cost of teh tarik.

Creative lyrics aside, we thought Yu sang exceptionally well! If not for the punny lyrics and tacky backup dancers in the background, we would actually be quite moved by him. Gentlemen out there, does ‘My Bank Account’ bring you joy or tears?