TVB releases horror comedy House of Spirits (一屋老友記)

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Shortly after horror drama Blue Veins, TVB launches another horror series called House of Spirits (一屋老友記). However, unlike the earlier drama about the undead, House of Spirits is more of a horror comedy — as you would have guessed from the presence of Bobby Au-Yeung (歐陽震華) as one of the lead actors.

House of Spirits tells the story of how 4 siblings crashed into a family home owned by their late father Bo Luk (Lau Kong 劉江) after he suddenly passed away.

house of spirits

Bo Luk is a retired dim sum master who leaves his 4 children a will. Eldest son, Bo Foon, (Bobby) was named the executor of the will. Under the instruction of his father’s will, Bo Foon gets his three younger siblings to return to the house, where they are to live together for nine months before putting up the property for sale.

Second daughter Bo Yan (Joyce Tang 滕麗名) brought home her daughter from China (without her husband). They are joined by the third son Bo Yu (Jonathan Cheung 張穎康) and his wife Yu Fa (Koni Lui 呂慧儀), a stingy and money-minded couple. Youngest son Bo Yi (Bob Cheung 張彥博), who is studying abroad, joined them soon after.

Not suprisingly, their coming together brought along a series of conflicts and quarrels. But that’s not the only unsettling issue in the home. Eldest son Bo Foon discovers that he could see ghosts — in the house they are living in.

He later befriends Bak Wah (Bowie Wu 胡楓) and Yi Lan (Helena Law 羅蘭) — a pair of quarrelsome ghosts who have been haunting the house for many years. Turns out, the spirits actually tries to help the family by resolving fights between the siblings, but they often end up making matters worse.

Meanwhile, Bo Foon engages technician Chu Chan-chan (Nancy Wu 胡定欣) to fix the faulty pipes in the house. This only adds to more unease in the home as Bo Foon does not see eye to eye with her. Interesting drama unfolds amidst all the squabbles and mess.



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