Unhappy audience tells G.E.M. Tang to “Get out of showbiz”

Image source: G.E.M. Tang Facebook

G.E.M Tang (邓紫棋) has her fans and certainly, haters too. And the latter are not afraid to make their voices heard.

The Hong Kong singer who recently performed at a concert in Changsha, China, witnessed the displeasure of some angry audience, who conveyed their unhappiness with a message board that said, “G.E.M, you are not a singer”.

G.E.M. Tang told by audience to "get out of showbiz". Image source: Netease Arts
G.E.M. Tang greeted by angry audience who told her to “get out of showbiz”. Image source: Netease Arts

Fans of G.E.M. at the concert were quick to jump to her defence as they started throwing mineral water bottles at the anti-G.E.M camp. Fortunately, security guards at the scene stepped in in time to prevent any fights from breaking out.

When it was G.E.M.’s turn to perform on stage, a male member of the audience created another commotion by shouting at the singer to “Get out of showbiz”. The sudden outpouring seemed to have caught G.E.M.’s attention, as the singer appeared stunned momentarily, reported ent.163.com. Shortly after, security guards stepped in again and ushered the man out of his seat.

Apart from G.E.M. Tang, the other singers invited to perform at the concert included Angela Chang (张韶涵), A-Lin (黃麗玲) and Sitar Tan (谭维维).