Stefanie Sun performs at Kepler World Tour despite thunderstorms and being unwell

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Heavy thunderstorms and a hoarse throat is definitely not the formula for a successful concert. But that was exactly what happened at the latest Stefanie Sun’s concert held at Nanning, China, nearly causing the concert to be postponed.




Held at Guangxi Sports Stadium, the concert was part of Stefanie Sun’s 2015 Kepler World Tour and also marks her 15th year in the music industry. However, the blazing lightning and heavy downpour just before the start of the concert was so severe that it caused the stadium to flood, forcing organisers to consider cancelling the show. The rain finally subsided an hour into the official start time of the concert, much to the delight of the 30,000 fans who turned up to support their idol, Stefanie Sun.

But the thunderstorm wasn’t the only thing Stefanie had to battle with. Earlier in the day, Stefanie was down with an infected laryngitis that caused her voice to be hoarse. Despite all the misadventures that plagued the Nanning stop, the show did go on eventually.

The concert finally started at 8.40pm with Stefanie singing her hit song, ‘Dark Sky 天黑黑’. A very appropriate opening song indeed after the heavy downpour just before the concert. Stefanie then went on to perform a series of fast numbers before belting out karaoke favourites like 我的爱, 隐形人, 天使的指纹, 开始懂了, 爱情证书, and 我不难过. But the concert proved too be strenuous for the unwell singer, as she coughed intermittently while singing and struggled to complete the last segment of the show. The stadium subsequently erupted into a huge sing-a-long session as fans sang along with their idol and ‘helped’ her through her last few songs.

“Many thanks to the fans that stayed despite the rain. Today is my 15th anniversary and a special day. Without your emotional support, I would not be able to complete this concert in Nanning”, a touched Stefanie Sun said at the end of her concert.

Fans can catch Stefanie Sun Kepler World Tour 2015 at the following locations and dates:
13 June, Qingdao, China
27 June, Dalian, China,
11 July Macau, China

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