Watch: Vennu Mallesh is now famous doing whatever he wants

Vennu Mallesh

The latest music hit is not by Miley Cyrus or Bruno Mars but a relatively unknown singer from India. Well, unknown until Vennu Mallesh’s creation, ‘It’s My Life Whatever I Wanna Do’ became a running success.

The last we checked, the song has garnered more than 4.2 million views on YouTube. The enigmatic singer describes his song as a ‘non-ficitional, psychological and philosophical song written by me’ – and “me” being a “very good bad boy”, “brain eater” and “rules breaker”, as he professes in the song.

Never mind that most of the lyrics in his song didn’t make sense to us. Or that the clashing combination of synth guitar, drums and othe random instruments was starting to sound like a train wreck after a while, we found ourselves singing and bobbing along to the catchy melody. After all, “It’s my life whatever I wanna Do…. It’s my life whom I wanna love…”

Listen to Vennu Mallesh here: