Voice of China 4 episode 7: Team Na Ying battles it out

It was Na Ying’s turn to pick the cream of the crop from her team in episode 7 of The Voice of China 4. Similar to the format of the previous episode, Na Ying will have to decide which four contestants get to progress on to the next stage. To help her make the decision, Na Ying invited Li Jian to be guest judge.

Here are the highlights of the 1st PK round for Team Na Ying:

The ‘handsome’ pair: Zhang Nan vs Zhou Xiao Xiao

What a handsome pair! Ok, we’re aware Zhang Nan and Xiao Xiao are ladies but sporting short hair and sporty attires, they displayed such boyish charms. The performance was a bit loud for our liking but Na Ying explained that the song chosen to bring out their wild side. Both Zhang Nan and Xiao Xiao had their fair share of the other judges’ votes but in the end, Na Ying picked Zhang Nan.


The awkward threesome: Chang Yu vs Cheng Yiu

Instead of the usual 2 contestants in this PK round, we’re seeing a third singer. This is because the Cheng Yiu girls are competing as a team. Using his light, clean vocals, Chang Yu started the song on a good note before the girls infused the song with a youthful vibe. Overall the performance felt like a pleasant karaoke session rather than a stressful give-it-your-all competition. Most of the judges picked the girls team but Na Ying was more impressed with Chang Yu’s ‘clean’ and warm vocals. Goes to show that two is not always better than one. Overall, the singing wasn’t actually awkward, it was the trio’s ‘too-tight’ embrace at the end of the show that got everyone laughing.


The closest fight: Sun Bo Lun vs Su Hao

The judges seem to be the most divided on this match. Singing Jay Chou’s 最长的电影, the duo gave a different dimension to the song by injecting it with a manly, Michael Bolton-esque quality. Na Ying took the opportunity to praise Jay’s song writing ability, adding that Jay’s love songs have the ability to bring tears to one’s eyes. Both Jay and Wang Feng questioned why Na Ying picked two of her stronger contestants to PK against each other, as she would end up losing one of them. To that, Na Ying said she wanted the pleasure of witnessing a good fight. Sun Bo Lin clinched the chance to go on to the next stage as Na Ying liked the maturity in his voice.


PK Round 2

Zhang Nan kicked off round 2 with an uptempo song 一整夜不睡觉, a brave move considering most of her opponent would probably pick a slow sentimental song to score some emotional points. We thought she did pretty ok with the rapping portions. Overall, a decent performance but not outstanding.

Woah, not only did Chang Yu pick a ballad, he sang the first stanza in Japanese. With our limited Japanese, we can’t say much about his diction but he certainly established some emotional connection there. Chang Yu must have successfully connected with Na Ying too, as he was her choice for this round.

Sun Bo Lun vs Zhang Lei

Sun Bo Lun’s delivery was a little too subdued, too safe for us here. It wasn’t a shabby act, but we were waiting for him to once again bring us on an emotional ride like he did with his rendition of 最长的电影 in his earlier performance.

We can’t agree more with Jay that Zhang Lei’s delivery was like a beautiful painting, thanks to his calming voice. Zhang Lei’s vocals may not be the type that will turn heads instantly in a karaoke lounge (an analogy KTV go-ers would probably relate to), but his voice will grow on you.

All of the judges recommended that Na Ying pick both singers, which she did.


Li Jia Qi vs La Mu

Jia Qi clinched the last advancement slot of this round. And what an enjoyable performance she put up. Singing Price Tag and playing the guitar, she had us swaying to her performance. Some people just get better with practise. Sadly for La Mu, this meant the queen of Theresa Teng songs didn’t impress Na Ying nor the other judges enough to pick her.

Watch The Voice of China 4 episode 7 here: