The Voice of China 4 judges break out in awkward dance after Tong Yu Shuo and Wang Di’s performance

The PK match between Tong Yu Shuo and Wang Di in Voice of China 4 episode 9 was a tough one — but it wasn’t one without fun.

Performing the song 表白, the duo were clearly giving their best. Yu Shuo, who trumped this round, shed his usual shy demeanour and immersed himself in the song,  even jiving to the music. His opponent Wang Di who’s known for his quirky personality, was no exception and delighted the audience and judges with his tacky but funny dance moves.

Buoyed by the fun performance, Harlem Yu and JJ Lin got up from their seats to do a dance as well. However, in the spontaneity of it all, the dance turned out to be rather uncoordinated one with mismatched steps and moves. The two totally showed no chemistry here. Probably realising it himself, Harlem stopped dancing and admitted that Yu Shuo and Wang Di did a much better job. Still, you got to give it to Harlem and JJ for being such a great sport!