Voice of China 4: Why Tong Yu Shuo’s “broken” voice is a blessing in disguise

The Voice of China 4 - Tong Yushuo

Tong Yu Shuo has a voice that many would be proud of. Deep and raspy, the 4 contestant was one of few singers who managed to win the votes of all four judges during the auditions.

Yet, Tong revealed that it took him a great deal of courage and encouragement from friends to summon up enough courage to join The Voice of China. In fact, Tong had asked to perform behind a veil of curtains during the blind auditions so he could hide his identity until the end of his performance. Relating his unhappy past, the 19-year-old said he had ‘lost’ his bright, ‘musical’ voice after an operation a few years ago. The unfortunate incident ‘broke’ Tong’s voice and left him with large scars, which he tries to conceal with his long hair.

Singing 对爱渴望 (Yearning for Love) by 杨宗纬 (Aska Yang), Tong lent a laidback and sorrowful quality to the song, which fitted the lyrics of the song perfectly. Harlem Yu told Tong he should think of his voice transformation as a blessing in disguise as the raspy quality is something he had had to develop over time rather than possess naturally. Yu also likened his voice to that of singer Rod Stewart.

Na Ying who was the first to vote for Tong said, “I picked you because I was touched by your voice. It didn’t matter to me whether you were a man or woman.”

Having won the votes of all 4 judges during the auditions, who do you think Tong would pick as his coach?

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