Voice of China 4 episode 6: Wang Feng’s students thrash it out in brutal faceoff

Episode 6 of the Voice of China 4 signals the end of the blind auditions. In this round of the competition, Coach Wang Feng’s students are the first to go through the elimination stage.

Split into 6 pairs, the contestants will be vying against each other in duet-style PKs. Judges Jay, Na Ying and Harlem, as well as guest judge, G.E.M. Tang will state their preference but ultimately, it is Wang Feng’s call. The six contestants who get picked will have to go through another round of PK, whereby only the top 4 will advance to the next stage.

Here are the highlights of the 1st PK round:

The ‘fiercest’ fight: Bei Bei vs Xiu’er

Bei Bei and Xiu’er have such angsty-girl voices, you can’t help but feel a sense of relief as the singers let it all out on stage. The duo, who did not seem to display any signs of nervouness worked the room with their strong vocals and energetic singing styles. Xiu’er was praised by Jay for her tongue-twister style of singing but he noted that she had missed the beat at times. Personal style wise, Xiu’er with her braided hair and Bohemian look was said to possess more character but Bei Bei had more mass appeal. In the end, the majority of the judges, including Jay picked Bei Bei to continue on the show.


The most incomprehensible duo: Yang Bao Xin vs Zhang Bo Lin

Singing and jiving to Elvis Presley’s hit ‘Jailhouse Rock’, Yang Bao Xin and Zhang Bo Lin seemed to be having all the fun on stage. We can’t say they were the least fun to watch, but things would have been much better if we could actually make out their singing. Special guest G.E.M. commended Bo Lin for his bravery for throwing in some dance moves during the act, as the singer noted “he barely moved during the audition the night before”. In the end, it was Bo Lin’s display of hard work that won the vote of Wang Feng.

The most soothing pair: Huang Kai vs Zhang Xin Xin

After all that loud music and powerhouse singing, it was a welcoming change to have Huang Kai and Xin Xin on stage to deliver a folksy, soothing tune. With their slightly hoarse voices, the duo complemented each other beautifully. Neither were trying to outdo each other. Instead they focused on delivering a harmonious tune. We love both Huang Kai and Xin Xin and would hate to see either of them go. Na Ying, Jay, Harlem and G.E.M. unaminously picked Xin Xin due to his sorrowful voice. Not surprinsingly, Wang Feng went with the other judges’ decision.

PK Round 2

In the second elimination round for Team Wang Feng, Bo Lin was pitting against Huang Xiao Yun. Bo Lin once again took on an uptempo English song, ‘Boys’ Round Here’. But this time, his diction clearly improved and coupled with his groovy, ‘old soul’ rendition of the song, the performance was quite enjoyable indeed.

Anyone familiar with the Mandarin song “yu” would know how challenging it is to sing. But that didn’t stop 16-year-old Xiao Yun from impressing the judges with her good pitch and precise control. Noting her young age, Na Ying said she believed Xiao Yun had lots of potential, while G.E.M. said she was so mesmerised by her voice she felt like a fish “swimming along with her” ( We couldn’t agree more). In the end, Wang Feng picked Xiao Yun over Bo Lin to progress into the next round.

Zhang Xin Xin vs Bei Bei

Xin Xin once again put his sorrowful voice to good use in this performance and touched the heart of G.E.M., who said she got goosebumps from hearing him sing. Bei Bei didn’t disappoint either. Singing Wang Feng’s Chun Zai, we were reminded once again what big, exandable vocals Bei Bei has and she certainly leveraged that in that performance. Most of the judges suggested Wang Feng keep both students on the competition, a decision Wang Feng gladly went with.


With just one more advancement slot left, the pressure was on for Xu Zhe and Huang Yong. Perhaps it was the the song Xu Zhe picked, he came off a little laid back in this round. Huang Yong on the other hand impressed the judges more with his coarse rocker-style voice. In the end, it was Huang Yong who got the nod to advance to the next stage.

After this elimination round, contestants Xiao Yun, Xin Xin, Bei Bei and Huang Yong will be advancing to the next stage of the competition.

Catch the full episode here:



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