What’s Jay Chou really like..Hannah Quinlivan reveals

If you had to make a guess about Jay Chou’s character, what comes to mind? Would you find him cool? Somewhat irreverent, maybe, and perhaps even chauvanistic? At least some of these traits come mind based on our perception of the Mando pop king’s public persona.

jay chou and baby

Now, we get to hear from Mrs Jay Chou what her husband is really like. According to on.cc, Hannah Quinlivan said Chou is rather different from what we’ve just described above. In fact, Quinlivan described Chou as a doting husband who’s pretty hands on with their daughter, Hathaway, adding Chou would not hesitate to change Hathaway’s diapers or help out with the household chores. He also takes it upon himself to clean after their pet!

To add to our jealousy, Qunilivan also revealed that Chou is also both romantic and humourous and that he would call her every morning if they were working apart. Aren’t you one lucky babe, Mrs Chou!