William Chan tipped to star in ‘A Step Into the Past 寻秦记’ remake

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Remember the 2001 Hong Kong drama series ‘A Step Into the Past’ (寻秦记)? If you loved the classic series starring Louis Koo, then you’d be delighted to know that Mainland production company is planning a remake.

But don’t jump for joy just yet, as the news has yet to be confirmed, according to on.cc. New media darling William Chan (陈伟霆) was tipped to be approached for the role of Xiang Shao Long (项少龙), played by Louis Koo in the original production.

During a phone interview with Chan’s manager Mani Fok (霍汶希), Fok said the Chinese actor’s schedule is packed. “William has accepted roles in two other movie productions as well as to star in some commercials, so we will have to see if his schedule fits”. On knowing that the company is willing to push the production to October or November this year, Chan’s manager replied that the actor is interested in acting in the drama as it was a popular series back then.

For those unfamiliar with Chan, the actor was propelled to fame for his role as Ling Yue (陵越) in Swords of Legend (古剑奇谭). Chan was later engaged for three other series including The legend of Zu (蜀山戰紀之劍俠傳奇) and six commercials. However, Chan’s stress and hectic schedule seemed to be taking a toll on him, as he was said to be suffering from skin allergies and needed to take time off to see a doctor. On the bright side, the actor was reported to be raking in RMB30 Million last year. He was ranked in 70th place of Forbes’ China Celebrity 2015 list.



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