12 mouthwatering popsicle recipes with an Asian twist

    Popsicle recipes

    Lick, suck or bite on it. Here are 12 icy popsicle recipes to thrill your tastebuds.

    1. Lychee Saketini Cocktail

    Lychee Saketini cocktail-popsicles
    Source: bakersroyale.com

    A fresh take on the classic lychee martini. Recipe here.


    2. Lemongrass lime popsicle

    lemon lime lemongrass popsicles
    Source: Fashion Gourmet

    A summer’s day dream. Recipe here.


    3. Matcha Frozen Yogurt Pops

    Matcha Green Tea Popsicles
    Source: All Day I Dream About Food

    For green tea lovers. Recipe here.


    4. Coconut pandan bluberry popsicle

    coconut pandan blueberry popsicles
    Source: Story of a Kitchen

    Dripping with pandan goodness. Recipe here


    5. Red bean popsicle

    Red bean popsicle
    Source: Chichilicious

    An old school favourite. Recipe here


    6. Longan, mango pomegrante popsicle

    longan mango pomegranate popsicle
    Source: Eugenie Kitchen

    Fruit pops. Recipe here.


    7. Wasabi popsicle

    Wasabi popsicle
    Source: New York Magazine

    Sinus assult! Recipe here.


    8. Vietnamese Coffee popsicle

    vietnamese coffee popsicle
    Source: A Spicy Perspective

    Better than the drink itself! Recipe here.


    9. Mango lassi popsicle

    Mango Lassi Popsicles
    Source: Cooking Stoned

    Best after a spicy meal. Recipe here.


    10. Mandarin and white chocolate

    mandarin orange and white chocolate
    Source: The Sugar HIT

    Citrusy goodness. Recipe here.


    11. korean melon popsicle

    Korean Melon Popsicle
    Source: the black peppercorn

    A great seasonal treat. Recipe here.


    12. Coconut lime thai chilli popsicle

    Coconut lime thai chilli popsicle
    Source: Pickles & Honey

    Sweet and sour with a spicy kick. Recipe here.