12 mouthwatering popsicle recipes with an Asian twist

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    Popsicle recipes

    Lick, suck or bite on it. Here are 12 icy popsicle recipes to thrill your tastebuds.

    1. Lychee Saketini Cocktail

    Lychee Saketini cocktail-popsicles
    Source: bakersroyale.com

    A fresh take on the classic lychee martini. Recipe here.


    2. Lemongrass lime popsicle

    lemon lime lemongrass popsicles
    Source: Fashion Gourmet

    A summer’s day dream. Recipe here.


    3. Matcha Frozen Yogurt Pops

    Matcha Green Tea Popsicles
    Source: All Day I Dream About Food

    For green tea lovers. Recipe here.


    4. Coconut pandan bluberry popsicle

    coconut pandan blueberry popsicles
    Source: Story of a Kitchen

    Dripping with pandan goodness. Recipe here


    5. Red bean popsicle

    Red bean popsicle
    Source: Chichilicious

    An old school favourite. Recipe here


    6. Longan, mango pomegrante popsicle

    longan mango pomegranate popsicle
    Source: Eugenie Kitchen

    Fruit pops. Recipe here.


    7. Wasabi popsicle

    Wasabi popsicle
    Source: New York Magazine

    Sinus assult! Recipe here.


    8. Vietnamese Coffee popsicle

    vietnamese coffee popsicle
    Source: A Spicy Perspective

    Better than the drink itself! Recipe here.


    9. Mango lassi popsicle

    Mango Lassi Popsicles
    Source: Cooking Stoned

    Best after a spicy meal. Recipe here.


    10. Mandarin and white chocolate

    mandarin orange and white chocolate
    Source: The Sugar HIT

    Citrusy goodness. Recipe here.


    11. korean melon popsicle

    Korean Melon Popsicle
    Source: the black peppercorn

    A great seasonal treat. Recipe here.


    12. Coconut lime thai chilli popsicle

    Coconut lime thai chilli popsicle
    Source: Pickles & Honey

    Sweet and sour with a spicy kick. Recipe here.