12 recipes of Asia’s favourite street food to make this weekend

    Street Food Recipes

    Why put up with snooty hawkers and long queues when you can recreate some Asia’s best street food at home? Get cooking this weekend!

    1. Penang fried kway teow

    Penang char kway teow

    Source: Rasa Malaysia

    Add large prawns for extra kick. Recipe here.

    2. Japanese okonomiyaki


    Source: Just One Cookbook

    Learn how to make it here.

    3. Hainanese Chicken rice

    chicken rice

    Source: Steamy Kitchen

    A dish close to Singaporeans’ hearts. Recipe here.

    4. Crispy pork belly (Siu Yuk)

    siu yuk

    Source: Rasa Malaysia

    Get ‘crackling’ here.

    5. Vietnamese fresh rice rolls


    Source: Just As Delish

    Start rolling here.

    6. Thai papaya salad


    Source: eatingthaifood.com

    Some tang and spice to fire up your appetite. Start tossing here.

    7. Korean-style crispy and crunchy fried chicken

    korean spicy chicken

    Source: Maangchi

    Get recipe.

    Asia-inspired chicken wing recipes

    For more irresistible Asian style chicken wings, check out this story

    8. Madura (Indonesian) style chicken saté


    Source: Indonesia Eats

    Recipe here.

    9. Taiwanese oyster mee sua

    Watch the recipe here.

    10. Cendol with gula melacca


    Source: Anncoo Journal

    Learn how to make the dessert here.

    11. Nasi lemak


    Source: Kampung Singapura

    Recipe here.

    12. Mango sticky rice


    Source: Thai Table

    Recipe here.