5 reasons this durian mousse is better than the fruit itself

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    Durian Mousse dessert at Dessert Bowl
    Durian Mousse dessert

    Calling all durian lovers, have you tried the durian mousse dessert at Dessert Bowl, Serangoon Gardens? No? Trust us, you’re missing out. We were recently there for the much raved about dessert and let’s just say the durian lovers among us we were not disappointed. In fact, we think it gives actual durian a run for their money. Here are 5 reasons why.

    1. It’s rich without being overpowering

    With just the right blend of what looks like heavy cream and durian flesh, the mousse is rich and robust in taste without being cloying, like the fruit can be. Served cold and topped with a generous dollop of bitter sweet durian , the smooth mousse glides down your throat like a dream.

    2. No thorns to deal with

    Opening durians can be a pain, literally. We prefer to do away with all that effort and simply enjoy shoveling spoon after spoon of this rich, thick mousse into our mouth.

    3. No hassling from the durian uncle

    Not a fan of having to deal with durian sellers constantly trying to upsell you his $25-a-kg Mao Shan Wang or $15-a-kg-D24, when all you want is a $8-a-pack durian? Us neither. Well, no pesky sellers at Dessert Bowl, just a cozy, vintage café to chill out and enjoy your durian dessert.

     4. No smelly fingers

    We’ve tried everything, from washing our hands under the trickle of a durian shell to powerful scented soap. But the odour of durian will still linger on our fingers for days. No such worries with the durian mousse.

     5. It’s cheaper

    At $5 a pop, the durian mousse is cheaper than a trip to your favourite haunt but still so, so enjoyable.

    Durian Crepe at Dessert Bowl
    Durian Crepe


    Dessert Bowl 一碗甜品
    80A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555976
    Tel: 6285 1278

    Opening Hours:
    Tue to Thur 12pm – 10.30pm
    Fri to Sun 12pm – 12am
    Closed on Mon



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