5 reasons your shouldn’t give I SEE i SEE ice pops a miss

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    I SEE i SEE (sounds like icy icy), a premium handcrafted ice pop brand from Hong Kong has selected Singapore as its first overseas store. Known for its milk-based popsicles, here are 5 reasons to check this new store located at the basement of 313 Somerset out.

    1. It’s truly delicious

    Have you tried making popsicles in your regular home freezer only to be disappointed by its uneven flavour and jaw-breakingly hard texture? Unlike homemade ice pops, I SEE i SEE uses a quick-freeze method to prodcue extremely refined ice crystals and a feathery, snow-like texture and the flavour is consistently good to the last drop.

    2. It’s a healthier choice

    Using good quality ingredients for its range of fruit and milk-based ice pops, you can really taste the freshness. The ice pops have no added preservatives or colouring in them. This probably explains why their popsicles, ranging from $5.90-$7.90 each, are so pricey.

    Strawberry Hokkaido Milk
    Strawberry Hokkaido Milk

    3. Give us some of that stinky durian

    Ok, this one’s more for durian fans, but the durian ice pop is intoxicatingly strong — in a good way. It’s not called ‘stinky durian’ for nothing.

    Cheesy raspberry
    Cheesy raspberry

    4. They have flavours that pop

    With funky flavours like chilli mango and cheesy raspberry ($6.90), there’s bound to be one to pique your curiosity.

    5. And what a visual treat too

    The I SEE i SEE is probably the most instagramable popsicles at the moment. It’s a feast for the tummy and the eyes.


    I SEE i SEE

    Address: 313 @ Somerset, #B3-46, 313 Orchard Rd, 238895
    Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm