Amber Nectar wants to lure you in with affordable set lunches and tapas

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    Pulled pork Cuban sandwich from Amber Nectar
    New set lunch - Pulled pork Cuban sandwich

    Amber Nectar, a casual bar and beer specialist wants to attract more casual diners with its new set lunch and brunch menus as well as a revamped a la carte all-day dining menu. The 2-year old bar at Robertson Walk is known for serving unique beers from Germany as well as being the first in Singapore to import the Pegas growler station to fill their beer growlers earlier this year. A beer growler is basically a glass jug for take-out draft beers. We think it’s more like a fancy name for a jug that is used to fill your favourite ‘artisanal’ draft beer in.

    Amber Nectar interior
    Amber Nectar interior
    Fried chicken Nectar from Amber Nectar
    Set lunch – Fried chicken Nectar

    Launching a set lunch menu for the first time, Amber Nectar seemingly wants to honey-bait an increasing frugal lunch crowd. From Grilled bass, Fried chicken nectar to Pulled pork Cuban sandwich, these lunch sets should satisfy some value hunters that are looking for something different from a plate of chicken rice. Affordably priced at $11.99 per person, the sets also come with a choice of coffee, tea or soft drinks. The set lunches are available on Tuesdays to Sundays from 12pm to 3pm.

    Other than set lunches, the beer specialist is also launching a $15 weekend brunch menu as well as new items on its a la carte menu. Some of these items include the Squid marinated with Hofbrӓu Hefeweizen (wheat) beer tossed with ikan bilis powder and chilli flakes, Sriracha chicken cutlet tossed with a fiery sauce, mayonnaise and spring onions and Pulled pork bun served with lettuce and BBQ sauce. These tapas dishes are also priced at a modest $10 each.

    Amber Nectar Amburger
    New a la carte item – Amber Nectar Amburger
    Amber Nectar Beef Short Ribs
    New a la carte item – Amber Nectar Beef Short Ribs

    If going to a bear specialist without having a taste of its golden malty liquid seems a little odd, order their freshly-tapped beer and take it home in a beer growler. Just make sure you drink it up in a day or two and not keep it for too long. Amber Nectar serves a comprehensive range of beers from Germany and Belgium as well as a selection from other countries such as Japan, Scotland, USA and the UK. It is also the place to try out premium German draft beers like Hofbrӓu Original, Hofbräu Dunkel, Münchner Weisse – Hefe Weizen and Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier – Mӓrzen. None of which we can pronounce.

    Beer Growlers from Amber Nectar
    Beer Growlers

    Amber Nectar

    Address: 11 Unity Street, #01-10/11, Singapore 237995 (Robertson Walk Courtyard)
    Phone: +65-6737-3774
    Website: hours: Mondays, 5pm to 1am; Tuesdays – Thursdays and Sundays, 12pm to 1am; Fridays and Saturdays, 12pm to 2am