Angry Birds flock to McDonald’s

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    Is it just us or is that an angry looking burger from McDonald’s? Indeed, the new ‘Super Red’ burger is inspired by Red, the leader of the Angry Birds flock.

    Featuring a bright red bun with an egg, sliced tomato and smeared with a fiery pepper mayo sauce, the Super Red burger, available from 19 May onwards, is just one of its new offerings to mark the ‘The Angry Birds’ movie release slated to open on 26 May.

    The Angry Birds burger costs $6.10 on its own. It can also be purchased as part of an extra value meal. In case you’re wondering, the fries that come with the combo are your regular fries.

    Other upcoming items on the menu include Angry Birds Combo boxes featuring chicken McNuggets, spicy nuggets and jalepeno chicken – a brand new flavour. These will be available from 9 June.

    angry birds burger

    Along with these items, a new ice cream inspired by the character, Chuck, is also in the works. It’s the Mcflurry ice cream with lemon custard and oreo bits.