5 of the best (and cheapest) durians to try this bumper crop season

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    The extreme heat in the past few months may be unbearable but it’s not without its perks. Well, at least not for durian lovers.

    The warmer weather experienced in countries like Malaysia this year has contributed to a bumper crop of durians – and with that – a drop in prices due to the spike in supply.

    Prices for the Mao Shan Wang in Singapore have dipped by around 60%, making it the lowest ever this year. Since the start of the harvesting season in Malaysia in mid June, the popular breed of durian has been going for S$15 to S$16 per kg, compared to around S$25 per kg the year before.

    If you’re fan of the thorny fruit, here are some durians breeds you mustn’t miss this year.

    Mao Shan Wang

    Characteristics: Mao Shan Wang is the Chinese name for the Musang King variety. Brilliant yellow in colour, the Mao Shan Wang flesh is firm yet soft and smooth. Its creamy, firm flesh starts off slightly bitter but has a sweet ending

    Price: $15 to $16 per kg from $25; $18 per kg for old tree Mao Shan Wang.


    Red Flesh Durian

    Characteristics: Moderately sweet and milder in taste, the red meat durian is recommended for durian beginners. Its slightly orangey coloured flesh is how this variety came to be known as the Red Flesh Durian.

    Price: $7 per kg at 717 Trading. Usual price: $10 per kg.

    Small Seed Durian


    Characteristics: As its name suggests, the Small Seed Durian refers to the variety of durian that has small, flat seeds and thick, generous amount of flesh.

    Price: $8 per kg. Usual price: $10 per kg.

    Golden Phoenix

    Characteristics: Sweet and creamy, the Golden Phoenix is well loved for its distinctive pungent smell and slight alcoholic taste. Its flesh is also slightly wet.

    Price: $12 per kg in Geylang, according to Channel NewsAsia. Usual price: $15 per kg

    Kampung Durian

    Characteristics: Mild tasting and sweet, Kampung Durians are rather small in size and often look odd-shaped, making them more challenging to open. Starting from just $0.50, they are a real bargain this season!

    Prices: Starts from 50 cents per durian. Usual price: around $2-$5 per durian.


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