How to best enjoy the Asahi Super Dry Black Lager

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    Asahi Super Dry Black Lager in new 350ml can
    Asahi Super Dry Black Lager in new 350ml can

    When someone mentions Asahi, they are most probably referring to Asahi Super Dry beer. But a lesser known black lager by the same company is starting to attract fans in Singapore. The Asahi Super Dry Black Lager is not new, it has been in Singapore since 2015. So what’s the news? The aromatic and flavourful beer now comes in a friendlier 350ml can that are easier to store in your fridge.

    Dark lagers like Asahi Super Dry Black Lager are not the same as stouts, porters or dark ales. They have a rounded finish and doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. But it is also because of this, the beer does not have the full-bodied flavour you will come to expect from a dark beer. So other than the darker hue, this beer will probably please the occasional beer drinker who wants their beer to taste crisp and refreshing. Here are some ways to enjoy this type of beer.

    Best ways to drink the Asahi Super Dry Black Lager

    Best temperature
    We always thought that the best temperature to drink beer is to drink it as cold as possible, staying true to the term ‘ice cold beer’. Apparently, beer is pretty much like wine and drinking at an appropriate temperature allows you to fully appreciate the beer’s taste. In general, the optimal temperature for lagers should be between 7 to 10 degrees Celsius. Drinking it any colder will numb the palate for taste and suppress the aroma of the lager due to not letting the beer ‘breathe’ fully.

    Best way to serve
    Asahi recommends using a German-created drinking glass called Stange. It is basically a simple cylinder-shaped glass instead of glasses that are flared out at the top. Due to the smaller surface area, the Stange glasses amplifies the malt and hop (malt, hop and yeast forms the base of the beer flavour triangle) nuances for beers.

    Best food to go with
    Dark lagers pairs well with smoked or grilled meats and spicy dishes. In our opinion, satay seems perfect for the Asahi Super Dry Black Lager.

    The Asahi Super Dry Black Lager is now available at 7-Eleven stores island wide at S$4.80 (350ml).

    Asahi Super Dry Black Lager in a bottle
    One of our avid reader submitted another way to enjoy the beer with – burgers! (Photo credit: Debra Foo)