Yummy Japanese style burgers from Burg Kitchen are the ultimate comfort food

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    BURG Kitchen at Eat at Seven

    Don’t we all crave for comfort food once in a while? When the craving strikes, where do you get your fix?

    We recently discovered a new Japanese joint at Eat at Seven called Burg Kitchen. It specialises in Japanese style burger meals and other Western dishes.

    Our favourite burger is the Cheese Burg ($19.80++). It comes topped with melted, gooey Colby and Cheddar Cheese on a sizzling metal plate. Instead of serving the burger patties between two buns, the burgers here are served with rice – typical of Japanese-style burgers— that lets you mop up all the delicious sauce. There’s also a small side of pasta and miso soup, making it a really satisfying meal.

    Cheese Burg, BURG Kitchen
    Cheese Burg, $19.80
    Cheese Burg, BURG Kitchen
    The patty is thick and moist and adding Wagyu fat certainly adds a lot of flavours flavours

    If the idea of melted cheese over a generous 200g burger patty with rice sounds too heavy for you, try the Original burger ($18++) instead. The bovine flavours of the Original burger patty comes through better when it’s not drowned under all that cheese.

    Comfort food aside, the burgers at Burg Kitchen are actually pretty good. They are made from 100% Australian beef, consisting of a blend of minced beef and wagyu fats. This gives the patties just the right texture and a lot of flavour.

    Penne meat sauce gratin, BURG Kitchen
    Penne meat sauce gratin, 14.50
    Golden Curry with Homemade Creamy Croquet and Beef Meatballs, BURG Kitchen
    Golden Curry with Homemade Creamy Croquet and Beef Meatballs, $15.50
    Chicken wings with spice blend, BURG Kitchen
    Chicken wings with spice blend, $14.50

    Other than hamburgers, there are other main courses to choose from. The Golden Curry with Homemade Creamy Croquet and Beef Meatballs ($15.50++) is another good choice. We like that the gravy is not as sweet as the usual Japanese curry – and even has a hint of heat in it. The croquet had such a nice and crispy crust, we wished there was another one. Then again, this is just the greedy side of us talking because we were struggling to finish the meal as it is.

    To top it all off, all the sets at Burg Kitchen come with a free buffet of salad and desserts. While not rave-worthy, the buffet dishes offer variety on top of the sets and exceptional value. Burg Kitchen is worth checking out when the craving for burgers or comfort food strikes.

    BURG Kitchen interior and salad bar
    The set meals at Burg Kitchen come with a free buffet of salad and desserts
    BURG Kitchen menu
    The menu is simple and the dishes are affordably priced

    Burg Kitchen

    Address: Eat at Seven, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-315, Suntec City Mall,  Singapore 038983
    Phone: +65 6266 5338
    Opening hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 5:30 – 10pm (daily)