Clear Asahi Sakura: Our drink this weekend

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    Clear Asahi Sakura - Limited Edition drink to celebrate Asahi's 30th Anniversary

    After not drinking beer for a couple of months, we were hit with a sudden craving of an ice cold beer. You know, the feeling of taking a big sip from a fresh cold can of beer straight out of the fridge, still fizzing excitedly after you pulled the lid.

    We decided finally to go for the Clear Asahi Sakura, a commemorative beer from Asahi, a brand famed for its “Super Dry” beer. Reason for this? This beer will be available for a limited time only. You can get the Clear Asahi Sakura at 7-Eleven stores islandwide.

    As you might have guessed, the beer’s inspiration stems from the beautiful Japanese spring. According to Asahi, the beer has an unique aftertaste. The taste starts off with a pleasantly refreshing light aroma and ends with a mild hoppy finish. Sounds good to us.

    How we are going to drink the Clear Asahi Sakura

    If you a passionate beer lover, you will know that beer will excel at a certain temperature. Dealing with a lager, such as Asahi Sakura, you want to drink it at 7-10 degrees Celsius. What happens if you freeze your beer too long? Well, it will reduce the carbonation that is released and therefore suppress the aroma of the beer. It might also numb the beer flavours.

    But no matter how you might choose to drink it, this mild beer (you can bet ours will be perfectly chilled) will be our companion this weekend while we lounge at home avoiding the sweltering heat.

    Win an Onsen Experience

    If you spend $10 (or more) on Asahi products (aka beer!) in a single receipt, you stand the chance to win a pair of onsen spa experience at Yunomori Onsen, which is worth $236. (To enter, SMS ASAHI<space>Name<space>NRIC<space>receipt number<space>7Eleven to 9010 2322.)