Classics are best at Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken & BBQ restaurant

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    Korean ginseng chicken
    Korean ginseng chicken ($28)

    Most of us tend not to think about Crystal Jade when it comes to Korean food. In fact, many of us may not even know that the chain had a Korean food specialty outlet. So we were pretty surprised to learn that Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken & BBQ restaurant has been around for 10years.

    Moving into its new location at B2 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre recently, the restaurant now boasts a larger sitting capacity, including a private dining room.

    $10 for a set of 6 appetisers

    Of the new offerings, we tried the Korean imperial hotpot with assorted vegetables $39. Consisting of a hearty portion of vegetables and a choice serving of pork, beef or chicken, the broth used for the stew tasted light, slightly spicy and had a homemade quality to it. We liked that the stock was not heavily seasoned like typical Korean hot pots.

    Moving on to the classics of the restaurant, we tried its signature Korean ginseng chicken ($28). Boy we loved this dish so much we were scrapping the bottom the bowl! Everything from the tender chicken meat to the sweet-tasting milky broth redolent of a discernible nutty ginseng flavour was well executed. A whole 4-year ginseng root is used to make this wholesome dish, which is well loved by Koreans in summer.

    Korean imperial hotpot with assorted vegetables
    Korean imperial hotpot with assorted vegetables ($39)
    stewed top grade beef short rib
    Stewed top grade beef short rib ($29)

    Another popular signature dish of the restaurant is the stewed top grade beef short rib ($29). The juicy ribs are made by braising prime Australian beef ribs for six hours in soy sauce and an assortment of ingredients such as garlic, vegetable and fruit, giving the dish its robust sweet flavours. The meat had just the right amount of bovine goodness. Our only gripe –the meat was cut too chunky. Being chewy in texture, it does not make for a first-date friendly dish.

    We were all in anticipation of the BBQ when the staff fired up our grill. But we ended up being a little disappointed. While tender, the marinade used for the pork collar ($22) barely covered the gamey taste of the meat. The ox tongue ($25) also tasted gamy to us.

    Top left: Beef short ribs ($28); bottom left:  ox tongue ($25); bottom right: pork collar ($22)
    Top left: Beef short ribs ($28); bottom left: ox tongue ($25); bottom right: pork collar ($22)

    Our dessert, the double boiled snow pear with chuan bei and dried logan complemented the heavy meal very well. Its light and refreshing taste was a great palate cleanser to wash down all the greasiness of the meal. Choose from the hot or cold version at $5 per serving.

     Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ Singapore
    Address: 391 Orchard Road, Takashimaya S.C. #B2-36A
    Hotline: +65 6733 3229



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