Crazy heat? Frozen custard from Density to the rescue

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    We don’t know about you, but the heat in Singapore the past few weeks is just insane! We literally walked from underpass to underpass everywhere we went and stay sane in the air-conditioning. On top of that, we had resorted to sucking on the ice of old school desserts like ice kacang, chendol and cheng tng whenever we get the chance. Not good for the waistline.

    So when we heard about a new frozen custard dessert stall called Density,  we wonder whether their desserts will give us some relief from the heat and tide us over the heat wave for the next couple of weeks.

    What’s frozen custard?

    Frozen custard is a cold dessert like ice cream, but made with eggs, cream and sugar. Ice cream on the other hand is typically made with dairy like milk or cream without the use of eggs. If you want to get technical, the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. says that to qualify as frozen custard, you need to contain at least 10 percent milkfat and 1.4 percent egg yolk solids. If not, it’s just plain ice cream. Adding egg yolks to ice cream apparently creates a premium form of ice cream (frozen custard) with a smoother texture and helps it stay cold longer. Now, that has definitely got our attention!

    Where can you find it?

    Density, the first frozen custard dessert stall in Singapore is located at 4 Short Road, near Selegie. Set up by Singaporean brother-sister team – J.R. Wong and younger sister, Sherlyn Wong, Density serves up velvety-smooth and creamy frozen custards made using the best quality ingredients.

    Frozen custard is essentially a super premium ice cream but uses only half the amount of sugar used in frozen yogurt. That means lower calories but still achieving that excellent texture and mouthfeel. While this is not an entirely guilt-free dessert, less sugar and calories are a definite win.

    Fresh ice cream made daily

    Density uses milk produced by grass-fed cows from Wisconsin dairy farms and gourmet vanilla beans sourced directly from Madagascan farmers for its frozen custard. Business owners J.R. and Sherlyn also invested in an ice cream making system that ensures that the smoothest and freshest ice cream are served daily.

    (L-R) Black Forest, Matcha, Pumpkin Pie

    “We would like our customers to enjoy our frozen custard, without any frills as we believe that they will be able to appreciate the quality of an excellent classic product,” – Sherlyn Wong

    On top of that, Density only serves 3 selected flavours of its frozen custard on any given day. Its signature flavours include Buttered Popcorn, Red Velvet, Rocher, Quadruple Chocolate and Black Forest. Density will also feature local artisanal granolas and products in its ice cream to lend support to the local entrepreneurial scene. At Density, affogato, espresso blends and coffee selections use coffee beans freshly roasted by local coffee roaster brand, Two Degrees North.

    Density uses coffee beans roasted by Two Degrees North for its affogato

    Density Frozen Custard

    Address: 4 Short Street, Singapore 188212
    Opening hours: 12pm to 12am daily
    Telephone: + 65 6268 7918