Say yes to dim sum and ‘Flaming Chicken’ this festive season

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    Dragon Bowl Flaming chicken

    We like Christmas ham and log cakes as much as the next person. But at the same time, we don’t mind sprucing up our festive feasting with other cuisines.  That’s why we’re quite excited to check out Dragon Bowl’s Christmas creation – Flaming Chicken!

    There’s no question why this dish is called ‘Flaming Chicken’. It is a clever pun on the Chinese term for Turkey or 火鸡, a traditional dish eaten during Christmas. The dish is literally served after it’s been set on fire! In order to create the dramatic effect, the chicken is first drenched with rose wine, which also impart a flora aroma to the meat. Taste wise, the meat is surprisingly tender, thanks to the chef’s secret marinate. We also liked that our chicken wasn’t too fatty. The Flaming Chicken is going for only $1 when you spend more than $80 at Dragon Bowl and pay for the meal with a DBS or POSB card.

    The Flaming Chicken is not the only dish worth trying at Dragon Bowl. As a traditional Cantonese restaurant, they also specialise in dim sum dishes and lobster porridge.

    Dragon Bowl Lobster Porridge

    Lobster Porridge caption: Try Dragon Bowl’s signature Crab Roe Live Lobster Golden Porridge for $38 for a small serving (good for 2 people) Offer ends 31 Dec.

    For dim sum, we recommend the Poached Mala Dumplings ($4.30 for 3). Plump prawn-filled dumplings are drenched in piquant black vinegar, cut chillies, spices and sliced ginger. We couldn’t really taste the mala – but this is one fiery dish, alright. Good luck to you if you bite into one of the sliced chilli padi!

    Dragon Bowl - Mala Dumplings
    Watch out for the landmine of chillii padi!

    The Fried Shrimp Wrapped in Cheong Fun ($6.50) is another must-try. This is a twist on the famous Hong Kong dim sum dish “Zha Leong”, which consists of fried dough (you tiao) wrapped with steamed rice roll. It’s a riot of textures with the tender rice roll, crunchy you tiao and succulent prawns.

    Looking at the humble Claypot Taro Cake with Preserved Meat ($4.30), we were not expecting much but the taste of dried shrimps, flavoured meat combined with mashy and thick cut Taro squares really won us over. The old school flavours (古早味) of the dish reminds us of what grandma used to make.

    taro cake-e

    There’s a 30% discount on the al la carte dim sum dishes until 31 December so now’s the best time to try them out! Do note that dim sum is only served during lunch.

    Dragon Bowl Dim Sum

    Offer valid till 31 Dec.

    Dragon Bowl

    6 Raffles Blvd, #03-129A Marina Square, Singapore 039594

    Tel: 6858 1588



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