Cooking toy turns your eggs into ‘Oiishi’ custard

    We know we shouldn’t play with our food but the latest cooking toy from Takara Tomy is simply too cute.

    No wonder the Okashina Tamago Mawashite Purin Egg Flan Maker is flying off shelves in Japan, where it’s sold. And purin, which is the Japanese term for pudding is what the gadget lets you cook just by moving a lever back and forth for two minutes. After that, just boil the egg for about 30 minutes to achieve a custard-like consistency that can be spooned out of the shell. Top with a savoury or sweet sauce like caramel for full enjoyment.

    Check out this video to see how the egg pudding maker works. Not a fan of pudding? You should watch the video anyway because the catchy tune dished out by the singing and dancing eggs will certainly cheer up your day.