Enjoy free-flowing chocolate on tap at new Cocoa Colony

    The next time you catch a movie at Shaw Lido, drop by the newly opened Cocoa Colony at Shaw Centre for some seriously guilty pleasures.

    Cocoa Colony is inspired by chocolate cafes found in the Republic of Ecuador and specialises in all-things cocoa such as cocoa beverages, crafted chocolate bars and gelatos.

    Cocoa 100 follows a special recipe that took 2 months and several tastings to develop

    Worth mentioning here is its wide range of specially crafted chocolate drinks which has intriguing names like cocoa 100 ($12.90) and cocoa 76 ($7.90). Those who love their drinks spiked can try the cocoa with baileys or cointreau, $12.90-$14, (best of both worlds, in our opinion). If that’s not rich enough for you, check out the Amazonia Liquid Gold chocolate sauces ($2), available in milk, dark and white chocolate. Enjoy the sauce, which is served from the cafe’s signature chocolate tap by dripping the hot, choc lava sauce over your gelato, pastries or drinks.

    Cocoa Colony plans to flow into other cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and London in the next few years.

    on tap
    The only thing better than a beer tap?