No-sweat gourmet meal in 90 seconds with Prima Taste Ready Meals

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    prima taste ready meals
    4 flavours will be available at launch

    Instant noodles are a staple in most kitchen. Home-grown brand Prima Taste is looking to add another item to your kitchen shelves with its new quick meal product range – Prima Taste Ready Meals.

    Popular for its sauces and instant noodles flavours like laksa and chili crab, Prima Taste’s Ready Meals is another range of ‘quick gourmet meal’ that features local flavours. But this time, it’s instant rice meals instead of instant noodles. Starting from September 2015, 4 flavours – Curry Chicken, Nonya Sambal Chicken, Beef Rendang and Chicken Claypot Rice will go on sale at selected NTUC Fairprice outlets while other major supermarkets will carry the new range from next month.

    Prima Taste Ready Meals flavours

    The Curry Chicken with Rice is served with chicken chunks in nonya curry gravy, the Nonya Sambal Chicken Rice comes with sweet and spicy nonya sambal gravy, the Beef Rendang with Rice is served with diced beef simmered in rich coconut curry gravy, while the Chicken Claypot Rice is served with Chinese mushrooms, Chinese chicken sausages and slivers of salted fish.

    Priced at $6.50 each, every pack of Prima Taste Ready Meals is a mix of white basmati rice (75%), wholegrain basmati rice (20%) and multi-grains (5%) like millet and barley. These Halal certified products also contain prebiotics and are MSG-free. And unlike most instant meals that heats up in a microwave oven, these instant rice packs can be either microwave or boil and need not to be refrigerated.

    “Our goal is to make quick, yet tasty and nutritious meals that can be enjoyed by everyone. Prima Taste Ready Meals which can be stored without refrigeration is hence a product that may be eaten not just out of convenience but also because it tastes good and is nutritious,” Mr. Lewis Cheng, General Manager of Prima Food.