Have a blast with Zoku Space Pop moulds

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    Zoku Space Pops

    Your next space mission could be one that sets off an inter-galactic taste war. All you need is to pack the best Space Pops in the galaxy made with your desired fruit, yogurt, and other energy boosting ingredients for the treacherous wormholes.

    Zoku, the quick pop maker is adding a set of super cute space-themed popsicle moulds called Zoku Space Pops to its popsicle mould lineup. The set consists of 5 different space rocket pops and a smiley astronaut (with space-suited legs as the handle).

    Zoku Space Pops
    Make up to 6 popsicles at any one time.


    Making popiscles with these moulds can’t be easier. Simply pour chilled juice of your choice into the rocket and astronaut moluds and chill it in the freezer for roughly 6 hours and voila! An entire fleet of space rockets at your command. For only S$22.50 (US$16.69), the outer space inspired popsicles would definitely impress your galactic alliances (and your kids of course).

    Get your set Zoku Space Pops set at Zokuhome.com. For tips on making awesome pops, simply refer to our popsicle feature.