5 must-try flavours from HEYTEA 喜茶 – original inventor of Cheese Tea

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    HEYTEA - Cheese Tea

    Iconic tea brand HEYTEA 喜茶 from China has opened its first overseas outlet at ION Orchard.

    HEYTEA says they are the original inventor of the well-loved cheese tea, which is characterised by a layer of salty cheese froth on top of natural tea such as oolong or green tea.

    HEYTEA is very popular in China, with over 110 outlets in 17 major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The brand is able to differentiate itself through the use of high quality tea leaves sourced from different regions. Fresh fruits and rock sugar are used to flavour their teas.

    HEYTEA Chengdu Queue

    Would you queue for 7 hours for a drink? That’s apparently the longest record time someone waited in line for a cup of HEYTEA

    In order to test out a variety of flavours, we skipped dinner and downed several cups of HEYTEA till our bellies were about to reach China (must be the cheese talking). Cheesy or not, here’s our verdict of the best flavours.

    King Fone ($5.50)

    HEYTEA King Fone

    HEYTEA’s cheese teas are the best we’ve tried so far. The luxurious cheese foam is thick, creamy and slightly salty without any artificial cheese taste — thanks to the fact that they do not add fillers like milk powder.  As we got to the oolong tea sitting underneath the layer of cheese foam, we were quite surprised to find that it wasn’t overpowered by the thick cheese. The tea carried its own with its lingering fragrance and smoky aroma. If you only have space for one HEYTEA — makes this your tea of choice.

    Jade Matcha ($5.90 – $6.80)

    Love iced matcha milk tea? Then you got to try Jade Matcha. Also from the cheese tea range, Jade Matcha is velvety smooth and rich in matcha taste. You can also opt for crushed Oreo to be mixed into your tea for some crunch and a slight chocolatey flavour.

    Strawberry Cheezo ($8.30- $8.70)

    HEYTEA Strawberry Cheezo

    Another one of our hot favourites is the Strawberry Cheezo tea, which combines blended fresh strawberries with jasmine green tea. The Strawberry Cheezo Tea is the most expensive tea of the lot as it uses a generous amount of berries to give the tea a strong fruity flavour.  The drink is blended a la minute to ensure freshness. Go all out with the Very Strawberry Cheezo for extra pulp.

    Grapefruit Bloom ($5.90)

    HEYTEA - Grapefruit Boom

    What happens if cheese is not your thing? There’s still something for you at HEYTEA. The Fruity Bloom selection at HEYTEA is paired with jasmine green tea and fruits without the cheese foam. Our order of Grapefruit Boom was very delightful, the ice-blended tea was bursting with fresh citrusy flavours from the sliced grapefruit. We only wished we had upped the sugar portion to ‘half’ instead of ‘quarter’ to balance out the slight bitterness of the grapefruit.

    Tangy Mango with Ice Cream ($6.90)

    This is a dessert and drink rolled into one. The ice cream mixed into our drink reminds us of a soft drink float, minus the gas. This drink is rather filling so this is perfect if you’re looking for something full-bodied to complete your meal.

    HEYTEA 喜茶

    2 Orchard Turn

    #B4-29 ION Orchard

    Singapore 238801

    Opening hours: 10am-10pm (daily)

    Check out the HEYTEA facebook page here.






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