Avid home cook is now proud owner of Redbank Bar & Grill in Orchard

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    Redbank bar & grill

    The story of Redbank Bar & Grill started with a perfectly grilled piece of steak. Hitting it off at a barbecue outing, avid home cook John Stevens and friend Matt Connors bonded over a succulent slab of beef that fired up conversations on the quality and price of American in . And it did not take long for the two Americans to take the plunge and set up their vision of an American-styled and bar and named it RedBank Bar & Grill.

    “We talked about tailgating for Sunday football games. This is always a special time to grill and share great dishes. And then it occurred to us, why not recreate the experience here!” – John, co-owner

    Although there are already a good mix of American-styled restaurant in Singapore like Jerry’s BBQ & Grill, Big Bern’s American Grill and Smokey’s BBQ, owner John believes that his concept of offering quality American fare at pocket friendly prices plus the telecast of major sporting events will bring an unique American dining experience to diners here in Singapore.

    The kitchen is helmed by Chef Nicolas, who has 18 years of culinary experience at steak houses and seafood restaurants. His style, passion and flair for cooking steaks struck a chord with John who needed someone with the professional techniques and consistency to add to his home-style cooking methods. “I honed most of my grilling skills from my days in Corsica sizzling steaks and seafood by the beach. Like John and Matt I have yet to find a classic American grill restaurant here that is up to standard with reasonable pricing. This venture with them gives me the perfect excuse to be a part of,” said Chef Nicolas.

    RedBank Bar & Grill offers classic dishes prepared in traditional methods that have been passed down for generations in John’s family. The menu features crowd pleasers like Maryland soft shell crab, Virginia-style crab cake, oyster biscuit, and New York-style steaks.

    Redbank bar & grill
    Virginia-style Oyster Biscuits

    Redbank uses the famed Josper charcoal grill to impart an outdoorsy barbecue flavour for its many signature grilled dishes, including its RB grain-fed Tomahawk steak. Each grilled meat comes with a side of fries while the seafood and poultry mains are paired with rice pilaf or fries. Other side orders include mac & cheese, hush puppies (or cornbread ball) and home-style coleslaw.

    The bar serves an extensive range of America classic cocktails like Live the American Dream, Golden Cadillac and Blue Hawaiian as well as popular spirits and liquors. Redbank also features U.S. craft beers and independent small batch labels along with a selection of wine from Californian vineyards.

    Located at Claymore Connect in Road, Redbank can sit 100 diners indoors while its al fresco patio can host up to 50 diners. Expect to fork out and average of around $20 for lunch and $50 for dinner.

    RedBank Bar & Grill

    442 -02 Orchard Road, Singapore 238879
    Tel: +65-6694-5376
    Opening hours: Mon to Sun – 12 noon to 12 midnight
    Happy hours: 3pm to 8pm