What you should and should not order at Hotdogs Inc in PoMo

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    Hotdogs in Singapore feels like the neglected cousin of the burger, and a very distant one. While burgers joints have built up an impressive range of offers for diners locally from fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King to burger-only restaurants serving gourmet burgers like Omakase Burger and MEATliquor, hotdogs on the other hand owns quiet little corners peppered all over the island. Heck, most people flock to IKEA for their $1 hotdogs to get their fix.

    So when we walked past a new and courageous hotdog place recently, we had to give it a go. Hotdogs Inc is a hotdog kiosk at PoMo that offers premium gourmet sausages paired with freshly baked buns. After some digging, we realised that Hotdogs Inc is not a new brand but moved from a corner location (see what we mean by little corners?) of The Metropolis at North Buona Vista. The shift to a swankier city location with a revitalised menu could only mean that the owners are confident about their food and their concept. PoMo mall, where the new Hotdogs Inc is now, has potential to snag some limelight back from its meatier cousins due to the new location’s proximity to schools, offices and hotels.

    Hotdogs Inc is setup as a grab-and-go kiosk, which explains why the person behind the counter was visibly agitated when a few of us couldn’t make up our minds about what to order and what sides to pair with. After receiving death stares and forced smiles, we finally decided to go with a more unusual bun, the Wagyu Beef Roll, and a more familiar one, the Spicy Italian Pork for our orders. We took the “Hearty Add-on” combos, adding a side, a snack, a drink and $6 more to each meal. The kiosk is now running a $2 off opening promotion for meal combos, so our total damage for 2 hearty meals came up to about $25.

    Hotdog taste test

    First off the Wagyu Beef Roll. According to Hotdogs Inc, the dawg is made with 100% minced wagyu beef and then coated in egg-wash and breadcrumbs before deep frying it to crispy goodness. When eaten together with toppings like rocket, cabbage, diced tomato, onion confit and a blend of BBQ sauce and mayonnaise, the hotdog bun is juicy, flavoursome and has a good mix of textures and taste. Chew slowly at least for the first 2 mouthfuls to fully appreciate the traces of aromatic beef juices even after the deep-frying process. The Spicy Italian Pork in our opinion is more of a classic hotdog, one you would expect from a gourmet hotdog joint. Although it did not impress us as much as the Wagyu Beef Roll, pairing it with relish, rocket, cabbage and a tomato and cheese sauce gave the bun well-rounded flavours.

    Wagyu beef roll at Hotdogs Inc
    A la carte order for Wagyu beef roll is $9.
    Inside a Wagyu beef roll at Hotdogs Inc
    Here’s how 100% minced wagyu meat looks like.
    Spicy Italian Pork at Hotdogs Inc
    A la carte order for Spicy Italian Pork is $7.50.
    cross section of Spicy Italian Pork at Hotdogs Inc
    Cross section of the Spicy Italian Pork

    Other hotdogs on the menu include chicken sausage, Wienerli sausage, soft shell crab and crabmeat remoulade. Of the lot, the one we wanted most to try out next is the crabmeat remoulade, which the staff says is made with real crabmeat.

    Side dishes

    It is good that Hotdogs Inc doesn’t have a lot of side dishes. Firstly, it makes ordering faster without giving your brain too much to process and secondly, they are not that good. We tried out almost everything from the sides and snacks menu except for the premium sotong balls. Reasons being, we half expected it to taste, well, like sotong balls from the freezer. The items we tried are Cheeky Spicy Wings, Chicken Poppers, fries and cheese fries with bacon bits. The deep-fried spicy chicken wings have a very light batter and tasted bland. We felt that the frying temperature is a little off even though the wings were meaty and juicy. The chicken drumlet that we had was still a little pink inside. As for the chicken poppers, it was no different from the store bought frozen ones that we fry all the time using the Airfryer.

    Combo meal with add-ons at Hotdogs Inc
    Our order – 2 buns with hearty combo add-ons for $25 (after $4 off promotion)
    The hotdog kiosk at PoMo
    The kiosk at PoMo can sit 12 diners

    Frankly speaking, we were a little disappointed with the fries. Although we love thick cut fries, the ones at Hotdogs Inc were less crispy than we had hoped. For the set that came with the cheese and bacon bits, the condiments felt like an afterthought and did little to add flavours to the potatoes. They could have served corn chips and we wouldn’t even notice.

    All in all, Hotdogs Inc is still a decent place to get your hotdog fix. In our opinion, they are better for more unique sausages and buns like the Wagyu beef roll, soft shell crab and crabmeat remoulade rather than classic hotdog buns. If you are grabbing one to go, our recommendation is to just go for the hotdogs and skip the add-ons. Oh, just make sure you make up your mind quickly at the ordering counter.

    Hotdogs Inc

    Address: 1 Selegie Road, PoMo Mall, #01-23, Singapore 188306
    Phone: +65 6265 0433
    Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm, Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday